The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2373

Chapter 2373 

The next day… 

When Freyja woke up, her throat was dry, and she didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. 

Colton brought breakfast in on a tray and saw the marks on her neck. He was very happy with his ‘work‘. “You’re up quite early.” 

He placed the food on the table. On top of the simple breakfast, there was a bowl of 

I was worried that you would be too tired, so I made you some soup.” 

Freyja was curious. “Do people eat soup for breakfast?” 

soup too.‘ 

He sat on the bed, scooped up some soup, and blew on it. “It will make you feel better.” 

He brought the soup to her mouth, so she drank it, then pointed at the tray. “I want the egg. Peel it for me.” 

Colton placed the bowl down and did as she asked. 

He fed her before, but he would say something back along the lines that she was ordering him around. But now, his ‘obedient‘ attitude made her feel awkward. 

Realizing that she was staring at him, Colton looked up. “What’s wrong?” 

Freyja leaned in. “Did you do something? Did you beat up my dad? Why are you so nice today?” Colton had nothing to say, so he smiled. “Freyja, does it make you happier if we bicker?” 

Why was he treating her weirdly? 

Freyja smirked. “You’re not a gentle man. 

He placed down the cutlery, pinched her chin, and stared at her with sharp eyes. “You like gentle men?” 

She looked at him. “I like the real you.” 

Colton was surprised because he wasn’t expecting her to say that. 

He looked very serious but was overjoyed in his heart. “Eat your breakfast instead of flirting with me.” 

Freyja smiled and ate quietly. 

At Bassburgh, at Blackgold… 

Cameron’s car was parked outside the building while she rested on the steering wheel, but she hesitated about getting out. After finding out that Waylon would have to work with Minzy, she had to keep an eye on them. 

The guard walked over and knocked on the window. 

She rolled it down when the guard said, “I’m sorry, miss, you can’t park here.” 

“Okay.” She was going to drive away, but she saw Waylon walking out of the building. 

The woman next to him was Minzy. 

She wore a short silk skirt, long white boots, and a fur coat. She looked exquisite yet gentle. 

She walked alongside Waylon, having a great chat. 

They walked to the car, and Waylon opened the door for her. 

Cameron grabbed the steering wheel, and her heart just felt uncomfortable. Was this how he worked with people? That was more like a date! 

She wanted to see where they were heading. 

After the car in front drove off, Cameron followed. 

Minzy looked at Waylon in the car and smiled. “Thanks for driving me back.” 

Waylon smiled. “There’s no need for that. We’re working together, so I’m just being polite.” Minzy smiled and didn’t speak. 

Even though he was gentle and humble, she knew he was treating her that way because they had business dealings. It didn’t mean anything else. 

He kept his distance and wasn’t too friendly but wasn’t too distant either. They were like friends, but there was a clear line. 


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