The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2374

Chapter 2374 

Minzy looked around. 

Even though Waylon didn’t have feelings for her, she couldn’t help but want to get his 

attention. He hadn’t announced his relationship with Cameron, and they weren’t married yet, so she assumed she still had a chance. 

“Mr. Goldmann, would you want to go catch a movie this weekend? I can’t find anyone to go with me, and you’re the only person I know in Bassburgh.” 

Minzy shyly invited him. 

Waylon raised his brows and thought about it. 

The driver looked into the rearview mirror. “Sir, there’s a car that’s following us.” 

Waylon was calm and seemed to know who was in the car, so he curled his lips. 

Minzy turned around and looked nervous. “Following us? Is it someone we know?” 

Waylon didn’t mind. “Who knows? Maybe.” 

When Minzy saw that he wasn’t anxious about being followed, said it might be someone they knew, and was looking very calm and collected, she guessed that he knew who it was. 

She wanted to know if it was the person she thought it was… 

The car was parked at the main door of the hotel she was staying in. Minzy got out of the car but didn’t leave immediately. Instead, she asked, “Would you like to have lunch with me?” 

Waylon agreed. “Sure.” 

Cameron parked not far from there and saw them walk into the hotel. Her temper flared. “I see how it is. This *sshole is already dating someone else. Hah, men…” 

The restaurant had a calm ambiance. It was decorated elegantly, and there weren’t a lot of patrons. 

Waylon drummed his fingers on the table absent–mindedly as he looked at the elevator doors. Minzy cut into the steak but saw that he hadn’t started. “Mr. Goldmann?” 

He raised his brows slightly and smiled. “Sorry, I’m not very hungry.” “That’s alright.” She smiled and said, after a long pause, “Are 

Waylon’s fingers froze, then he squinted and remained silent. 

you expecting someone?” 

Minzy didn’t want to be too blunt because men didn’t like women who were too smart. “I was curious because I saw that you kept staring in the direction of the elevators.” 

Waylon picked up his coffee cup and slowly took a sip. “I guess, but I don’t think she will come.” 

Minzy looked down and didn’t speak. A woman’s gut feeling was rarely wrong. 

That person he was talking about was probably the woman in the car that was following them. 

It was most probably her. 

Waylon placed his cup down, looked at his phone screen, and slowly stood up. “I think I should get going.” 

Minzy stood up too. “Let me walk you out. 

He didn’t answer and was already walking toward the till to pay. Minzy picked up her bag and followed along. 

Once they walked out of the hotel doors, Minzy called out to him. 

He paused and turned around. “Yes?” 

Minzy stopped in front of him and took out her phone. “I didn’t want you to pay for my meal. Let me wire the money to you.” 

He smiled. “It’s fine. I’m buying.” 

He proceeded to open the car door and sat down. 

Minzy watched while the car drove away, then pressed her lips together. Was he worried that Cameron might take this wrongly? 

She couldn’t understand why he liked that woman. 

Cameron pretended to be a man on the East Islands, and everyone there called her ‘sir‘. She didn’t have the gentleness and softness of a woman as she had grown up among men. 

On the other hand, Minzy knew men better because no man could reject a gentle woman like her. 


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