The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2385

Chapter 2385

Mallon left the room after saying what he had to say.

The next day, early in the morning…

A shimmer of light pierced through the curtains and shone on the head of the bed. Cameron turned over, hugged someone beside her, and suddenly opened her eyes. 1

Wayion lay beside her on his side, propping his hand against the side of his forehead as if he had been awake for a long time. He fiddled with the ends of her hair and kissed it. “You’ve woken up?”

Cameron closed her eyes. “No, I haven’t.”

He smirked, turned over, and covered her with his body in an instant.

Cameron opened her eyes immediately and pressed her hands against his chest. “Wayne Goldmann!”

His kiss stopped at the corner of her lips. “What’s up?”

“I want to eat The Attic’s short ribs.”

The last time they ordered takeout from that place, she got to try the short ribs once, and she really liked them.

Way Ion chuckled, knowing that she was changing the subject. “ Alright, I’ll go and buy them.”

He was about to get up, but Cameron pulled him back to stop him. “ Take me there to eat.”

Wayion was slightly startled, and his gaze looked earnest. “Are you sure?”

She frowned. “What’s wrong with that? Can’t you bring me out? Am I a disgrace to you? Is it embarrassing for you to bring me out?”

Wayion burst into laughter abruptly, and his lips landed on her forehead as he gave her a peck. “Get out of bed then. I’ll take you there.” 1

Because of the drizzle from last night, the sky was still gray and misty, cold and damp breezes were brushing through the branches in the courtyard, and all the plants along the way were covered with dew.

A black Bentley pulled over at the entrance of The Attic. Wayion got out of the car first, walked around the car, and opened the front passenger seat door.

Cameron stepped out of the car and crossed her arms together because of the freezing ambient temperature.

She had gotten used to staying in the East Islands, where winter was nowhere to be found, so this temperature was a little too unbearable for her.

Wayion wrapped a scarf around her neck. “Is it cold?”

Cameron’s eyelashes twitched. “What do you think? I won’t even be able to move around nimbly if a fight breaks out now.”

She took the initiative to insert her hand into his coat pocket. “ Okay, please don’t hold me. I ’ll walk by myself.”

He smiled helplessly and led her into The Attic.

How could the waiters and waitresses working in The Attic not know about Wayion? Apart from that, Wayion’s scandal was now the talk of the city. As such, everyone was surprised when they saw him appearing in public with Cameron.

‘That woman is obviously not the woman that was mentioned in the scandal. Could it be that the eldest heir of the Goldmann has changed his partner again?’

“Mr. Goldmann.” The manager of The Attic came over with a grin on his face and a very enthusiastic attitude. “You’ve come. Do you want a private room?”

However, before Wayion could speak, Cameron had already responded to the manager’s question. “We’ll sit in the main hall.” The manager was flustered.

‘They want to eat in the hall!? But no one from the Goldmanns has ever sat in the hall in the past.’

Wayion nodded. “Then we’ll sit in the hall.”

His attitude toward Cameron surprised the manager. At that moment, he saw Cameron’s hand sitting in Wayion’s pocket.

‘Oh my, their relationship isn’t as simple as it seems. This lady must be the real deal, right?’

Wayion dragged the chair out for Cameron, and she sat down and started ordering food immediately.

Wayion poured them some tea.

‘I didn’t expect that she would like the short ribs from this place so much. It seems that I’ll have to learn how to cook this dish in the future.’

When all the dishes were served, Wayion started fetching all the dishes when Cameron suddenly looked at him and said, “Feed me.”

He lifted his gaze. He had actually noticed Cameron’s thoughts. Obviously, she was concerned about the scandal between him and Minzy. 1

Wayion did not expose her thoughts. Instead, he picked up a piece of short ribs and placed it on her plate.

She frowned. “I asked you to feed me.”

He pretended to look a little embarrassed. “It’s not very appropriate for me to do that in public.”

Cameron restrained her expression immediately and said cynically, “Oh really? Then why didn’t you care about the public’s opinion when you went out and ate with another woman? Yet, you care about it now that you’re eating with me?”

The hilarity in his eyes could no longer be concealed. “How can this be the same?”

“How is this different? Oh, you’re actually afraid of making it into scandals, but you seem quite happy about your scandal with Minzy.” Cameron picked up her silverware and picked up the rib, but the wrath within her was burning so ferociously that she had lost her appetite.


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