The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2391

Chapter 2391 

It was to accuse her of being a two–faced person. 

Cameron was supposed to introduce Minzy to Waylon and make them a couple, but she ended up falling for her friend’s man and said that it was a fair competition. 

Because of that comment, everyone started speculating that the Ms. Southern in question was the female guest who had shown up on the variety show with Waylon. 

Some of the more rational netizens said that Cameron did nothing wrong. Minzy and Waylon weren’t dating, so it was a fair competition. 

However, some netizens thought that Cameron was deceitful because she was supposed to help Waylon and Minzy get together but ended up falling for him and stealing him. That wasn’t considered competing fairly. She had just ‘tricked‘ her friend. 

The people who watched the talk show suddenly lost their interest in Cameron and turned into haters. 

In the end, the truth about Cameron pretending to be a man for over two decades on the East Islands was exposed. People were saying that she might have been sleeping around because she was surrounded by men, that she might be promiscuous, and that the Southerns were gangsters. 

The news that broke out online quickly got to Waylon. 

Leonardo looked into the poster’s ID and found information about the person who started the rumor. It was from a fake account created not long ago, and the poster’s location wasn’t in Bassburgh but in the Kong Ports instead. 

Waylon frowned and stared at the monitor. 

“Sir, should I contact the president who’s overseas and ask him to help us suspend the account?” 

“No,” Waylon said calmly. “Even if we suspend it, a new one will pop up.” 

He leaned back on his chair. “Find out who the poster is, and see who this is linked to. 

Leonardo was surprised. “Are you saying that…” 

Waylon had a blank expression. “If I suspect something, I need to find out.” 

Leonardo nodded. “Yes, sir.” 

Meanwhile, at the Goldmann mansion… 

Titus, who was carrying Charm, looked annoyed when he found out about the rumors online. “ Have the netizens lost their minds? How could the Southerns be gangsters?” 

Nolan, who was sitting on the couch, flipped the page of the newspaper. “Aren’t you unhappy about that great–granddaughter–in–law?” 

Titus glared at him. “Did I ever say that?” 

Nolan smiled. “I guess you’ve accepted them?” 

“If people criticize her, it means that my great–grandson has bad taste. I can’t have that.” 

Titus smirked. “How could you not say anything as the father? You’re just going to let your son and daughter–in–law be criticized like that?” 

Nolan folded the paper. “Zee and I faced a lot of criticism in the past too, and we managed to survive. If they can’t even deal with this, how will speaking up help them?” 

The old man clicked his tongue. “You’re not paying enough attention to your children.” 

“Neither do you.” 

Titus thought that if he continued arguing with his grandson, he might just die of a heart attack. He picked up his phone and gave Morrison Shaw a call. “Get me a Twitter account.” Morrison was half awake and was still sleepy. “Why do you need that?” 

“Why do you care? Quickly. I need to reprimand some netizens.” He then hung up. 

Morrison scratched his head. The old man was going to argue with netizens on Twitter? 

He still got him an account, and Titus immediately handed Charm to the nanny, then started arguing with the fans. 

He wasn’t an antique and was pretty up–to–date with the terms. He typed quickly and used online terms very well. 


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