The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2392

Chapter 2392 

Titus told everyone that he was Waylon’s great–grandfather, but no one believed him. Some even mocked him. 

He angrily used his son’s identity to verify his account. After ‘Ex–chairman and Founder of Blackgold‘ were added to his profile, people who questioned and mocked him died away. 

At the same time, Leonardo found the poster’s identity and even found their number. 

The person was obviously shocked to find out that they were being investigated. They contacted Minzy to extort money from her, or they would speak. 

Minzy was annoyed at the audacity of that person threatening her. “What do you mean? I’ve already given you $100,000?” 

The person pressed on. “That’s not going to be enough. They found me, Ms. Holland. You have a lot of money, so what is $100,000 more?” 

Minzy gasped. ‘They found him?‘ 

She clenched her jaw. “Sure, I’ll give you $100,000 more, but if you dare snitch on me, you won’t get away once I get back to the Kong Ports.‘ 

The person was relieved to get paid. “Don’t worry, $100,000, and I’ll get rid of any evidence linked to you.” 

She transferred the money over. 

Unfortunately, she never could have thought that the receipt was sent to Leonardo. “This is the money that she paid me, Mr. Prichard. What you promised is true, eh?” 

Leonardo knew that the man was just greedy. He didn’t expect him to immediately rat Minzy out by promising to pay him double the amount. It was probably something Minzy never expected, either. 

He smiled, then said on the phone. “Don’t worry. Mr. Goldmann follows through with his promises. We’ll get back to you in two days.” 

Leonardo hung up and turned around. “Sir, the person who ordered him to do it was indeed Ms. Holland.” 

No one could have thought that Minzy would do that to Cameron. She was just digging her own grave. 

Waylon wasn’t surprised at the result of the investigation. From the moment that he had suspicions, she was on the list of suspects. 

That was because he knew what had happened on the East Islands best. 

Minzy had been at the East Island sat that time too. 

He had used Minzy to test Cameron, so he wasn’t very interested in getting Minzy involved in this. It was mainly because he felt guilty because he used her. 

If Minzy needed help with the partnership, he would do as much as he could, but she shouldn’t have tried to ruin Cameron’s reputation online. 

Waylon raised his brows. “Speak to Mr. Holland and show him the evidence.” 

Leonardo nodded. 

At the hotel… 

Minzy was oblivious to the fact the other party had betrayed her. She read the comments that were attacking Cameron and was feeling content. 

She wouldn’t let Cameron be with Waylon. No way! 

She refused to believe that Cameron would keep calm when she saw what was going on online. 

How could the Goldmanns accept a daughter–in–law who had been dressing up as a man for years and was rumored to have a messy s*x life? 

She heard the doorbell ring and got up to get the door. She didn’t see who was standing outside, but the next instant, a hard slap made her turn her face. 

She touched her face in shock until she saw her furious father. “Dad!?” 

Her father had never hit her in her life. She was shocked and sad. 

Mallon walked into the room and tossed his phone on the table. “Look at what you’ve done.” 

Minzy shuddered and picked up the phone. The message included her chat history and the receipt of her wire transfer. 


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