A Man Like None Other Chapter 2978

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2978

Jared’s eyes were bright as he looked at the Flamestone in Typhon’s hands. If he were to get his hands on the Flamestone, he would certainly have more ease in understanding fire nascence.

“Hand that thing over and get lost, or I’ll show you no mercy,” Jared said to Typhon. Typhon froze, then snorted and said, “Are you talking to me? How dare a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator like you speak to me in this manner? You must be sick of living!”

Right as Typhon said that, someone piped up, “Does that mean we can speak to you if we join in?”

Sunny, Konce, Lofton, and Cloud walked over to them. Together, there were three Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators and one Seventh Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator. On the other hand, Typhon was the only one of the Five Slayers present. The others had gone elsewhere.

If all the members of the Five Slayers had been present, Sunny and the others might not have spoken with such audacity. However, Typhon was the only one around, so there was no need for Jared’s group to fear him.

Typhon looked at Sunny and the others then at Jared. His air of arrogance began to dissipate.

He also knew when not to fight when the odds were against him. If a conflict were to erupt, he would be confronting a group of cultivators, and he was uncertain about Jared’s true strength. There was no reason for him to jeopardize his life over a Flamestone.

“Hmph, no need for a grand show. Just remember, you’ll be begging for mercy one day…”

With that, Typhon tossed the Flamestone onto the ground and turned to leave.

Beau wanted to pick it up, but when he thought about the Flamestone’s scorching surface and his inability to hold it, he turned to Jared and said, “Jared, this Flamestone will be immensely useful for cultivation, please have it. Maybe this place is full of these stones.”

Without hesitation, Jared picked it up. Unlike Beau, Jared felt no heat on the stone’s surface. After all, he had demonic fire in him. No matter how mighty the Flamestone was, it could never burn him. Jared kept it in his Storage Ring before continuing his search for the treasures.

Soon, a cry of agony sounded out not far from them. Jared guessed that a cultivator had to have encountered trouble, but he had no idea if it was because a battle for the treasures had broken out or because the cultivator had encountered demon beasts.

As Jared and the others combed through the desert, the vanished cultivators were conducting their search in a different location.

They had all ended up in vastly different environments. Some were in a forest, some by the ocean, and some on grasslands.

In the middle of the chaos, the elderly man was observing the void, which reflected the various locations where the cultivators had ended up. He could see the fight that broke out between the cultivators for the treasures they sought.

Meanwhile, a black bead was floating before the elderly man. Each time a cultivator perished, a beam of white light would enter the black bead, gradually lightening its dark hue.

By now, half of the bead was white. Greed shone bright in the elderly man’s eyes. Jared and the rest were still searching for the treasures and Flamestones in the endless desert.

“Wait a minute,” Jared said as his expression shifted. The others quickly halted in their tracks.

“Do you hear something?” Jared asked.

“Huh? Isn’t it just the wind?” Sunny replied, shaking his head. “No, I heard something else.” Just as Jared drew his brows together, the ground beneath them began to shake.

“Fall back!” Jared shouted.

Everyone swiftly did as he instructed, but as Beau was weaker, he was slower. A lizard demon beast rushed out of the sand and launched itself toward Beau.

Seeing that, Beau was frightened out of his wits. Jared managed to grab him by his collar and threw him aside. Having lost its prey, the lizard demon beast turned to glare at Jared’s group.


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