A Man Like None Other Chapter 2979

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2979

Beau’s heart raced. His eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at the lizard demon beast. If Jared had not acted swiftly to rescue him earlier, he would have become a meal for the creature’s voracious appetite.

“Thank you, Jared,” Beau said, wiping away the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Mr. Chance, if this place is an illusionary realm, why are there demon beasts here?” Cloud was confused. These should be fake if they were in an illusionary realm, and yet the demon beast before them seemed so real.

The lizard demon beast appeared reddish brown, and its tongue could stick out over a meter. It fixated its gaze on Jared’s group.

Then, in the next moment, the creature opened its mouth and spat fire. The flames surged toward Jared’s group, compelling them to retreat.

“This is a fire-element demon beast!” Sunny cried out. Jared fixed his gaze on the demon beast. If he could kill that lizard demon beast, he would certainly get that fire element beast core within it.

That beast core would undoubtedly aid Jared’s understanding of fire nascence. It would be fantastic for him to possess both the Flamestone and the fire lizard’s beast core.

Watching as Jared’s group retreated and dodged its attack, the fire lizard took two steps forward and subsequently released another. burst of flames from its mouth.

Jared narrowed his eyes and unleashed flames from his palm. When the two sources of fire collided, a deafening explosion resounded.

Jared started a fight with the fire lizard. More fire lizards appeared elsewhere as well. Many cultivators, unable to avoid their attacks in time, were burnt to death by the lizards’ flames.

Typhon was in a tough spot. His cultivation techniques had to do with the element of metal, so the scorching desert and the fire emitted by the fire lizard only exacerbated his predicament. After all, the element of fire weakened the element of metal.

“Cloud, Sunny, help the others,” Jared instructed when he saw the wandering cultivators getting chased down by the fire lizards. He realized that the treasure hunting seemed more like a premeditated slaughter.

He had no idea where the others had gone. They were the only cultivators left, so they had to work together. Perhaps that was the only way they could face the dangers lurking ahead.

After nodding at Jared, Cloud and Sunny went to help the other cultivators, while Jared faced the fire lizard by himself.

Although the fire lizard was also of the element of fire, its fire was nothing in comparison to Jared’s demonic fire. He thrust his palms forward, and a formidable surge of demonic fire rushed toward the fire lizard.

The fire lizard countered by spitting fire. However, when the two waves of flames clashed, the fire lizard’s flames were overwhelmed and extinguished.

The fire lizard was engulfed in flames and writhed in agony. In fact, it began attempting to tunnel back underground. However, it could not extinguish the demonic fire that burned it. Soon, the fire lizard died from the flames.

A small flame emerged from its lifeless body and hovered in midair. Jared leaped over and grabbed that flame..

That was the fire lizard’s beast core. Flames burned around the beast core, which gave it the appearance of a small flame suspended in the air.

Jared threw the fire lizard’s beast core into his Storage Ring before seeking more fire lizards to kill. Regardless of the other cultivators’ interest in fire lizards’ beast cores, Jared was keen to get more.

At the same time, Cameron was guiding the Nessers in their quest to hunt down fire lizards, as their beast cores were also valuable to them. He had once heard Eamon mention his preferences for beast cores of demon beasts with the element of fire.


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