A Man Like None Other Chapter 2980

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2980

“Seal off this area and don’t let anyone kill any beasts here! They’re all ours!” Cameron instructed his men. In this area, the Nesser household was the largest group among all the factions.

When the Nessers heard Cameron’s command, they quickly worked to drive away the wandering cultivators who were hunting the fire lizards as well.

“Leave here at once. These fire lizards belong to the Nessers, and no one is permitted to hunt here any longer. If you refuse to comply with us, we won’t hesitate to take drastic measures!”

The wandering cultivators were furious at the Nessers, but they dared not cross them. After all, the Nessers had brought along many of their men, and Cameron was someone too powerful for them to fight against.

“They’re acting like tyrants! Just when the ment from the Demon Seal Alliance have finally learned their lesson, the Nessers have stepped in to take their place!” “I know, right? They’re such bullies! It looks like we’ve come here for nothing.”

“We risked our lives to get here, but we’re going to leave empty-handed.”

Numerous wandering cultivators were displeased with the circumstances, but they could only complain in hushed tones, worried that the Nessers might overhear them. Meanwhile, a wandering cultivator was chasing a demon beast.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the wandering cultivator bellowed as he killed the demon beast before recovering its beast core.

Looking at the beast core in his hand, the wandering cultivator wiped off his sweat and grinned. I can’t just come here for nothing!

“Hand over the beast core. Who told you to hunt the demon beasts here? This is the Nesser family’s territory,” one of the Nesser family’s cultivators shouted at the wandering cultivator.

“What? This is the Nesser family’s territory? Are you kidding me?” The wandering cultivator had not heard the Nessers’ claim over the area earlier.

“No, I’m not. Now hand over the beast core,” the Nesser family’s cultivator snapped. “No way!” There was no way the wandering cultivator would hand over the product of his hard work so easily.

“Then die!”.

Right after, Cameron leaped over from afar. In the next second, the beast core in the wandering cultivator’s hand fell to the ground.

The wandering cultivator had his eyes wide open, and a beat later, his head dropped to the ground. Upon witnessing this, the wandering cultivators were left utterly bewildered. Cameron was exceedingly formidable. He had the power to end their lives with a mere wave of his hand.

After all, he was a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator at his peak. He wielded power that wandering cultivators like them could never attain. What Cameron had done was to deter the others from resisting his men. He had struck terror into their hearts.

Even Typhon of the Demon Seal Alliance dared not come close to Cameron’s claimed land. He was alone, and if he offended Cameron, he would be doomed.

Right then, Jared led his group over to the dead wandering cultivator. As he looked at the corpse, he grimaced and grew somber.

Jared knew that every cultivator who had lost their lives here would have their power absorbed by that mysterious force. His instincts told him that the force was nothing good..

“What’s going on?” Beau asked as he looked at the wandering cultivator who had suffered a tragic death.

“The Nessers are tyrants!”

“I agree! They’ve gone too far!”

The other wandering cultivators started grumbling quietly. Hearing that, Jared said, “The Nessers are looking down on us! It’s not as if this place actually belongs to the Nesser family! Let’s confront them and settle this once and for all. If we work together, we will have nothing to fear.”

“You’re absolutely right, Jared. Once we form an alliance, we won’t be unaffiliated cultivators anymore. We won’t have to fear the Nesser family!” Beau said loudly.


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