Billionaire God of War Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216

The bathhouse owner saw people charging in after he just woke up. The tables, chairs, and couch that were placed there were overturned before he could stop them.

“How…how can you do this?”

Harrison was leading the pack. He raised his hand and slapped the owner’s face as he said, “Quit yapping! Where are those two men who came to the bathhouse last night? If you dare to hide them, I will bloody kill you!”

He was furious from getting humiliated by Ethan and was now taking it out on the bathhouse owner.

Harrison kicked the bathhouse owner aside since he refused to speak. Then he yelled, “Search the place!”

He walked over to Maxwell and said respectfully, “Mr Lear, the men said no one saw them leave, so they must still be here!”

That scoundrel, Ethan, was probably still asleep.

They were too arrogant. Did they think Kings Sect could be trifled with?

A few men who had just charged into the private room came flying out straight away before Maxwell could say anything. They fell onto the ground heavily and made no sound after that.

Maxwell hastily turned to see two men walking out from the private room and his eyes instantly constricted.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” said Ethan as he glanced at them. He frowned when he saw that the public bath boss had been beaten up and was on the floor.

Ethan walked over immediately to help the owner up and said, “My apologies. These bastards are all after me.”

The public bath owner didn’t say a word and shivered instead.

Ethan glanced around and saw the broken tables and chairs on the ground. Then he said, “Calculate how much money you’ve lost and I will make them compensate you, including your medical fees.”

“This arrogance!” sneered Maxwell once he heard this.

Did Ethan expect them to compensate the owner?

Did Ethan want them to foot the owner’s medical bill?

Ethan was definitely going to die today!

Even this public bath owner had been implicated because of Ethan.

“Enough of this nonsense! Kill them!”

It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Maxwell didn’t want the other sub-sect leaders to steal the chance from him. Since Ethan was right in front of him, it would be a disgrace if a leader like him couldn’t kill him.

All the men brandished their weapons to encircle them and attacked!

The public bath owner was so terrified that he lost all the color on his face.

“Stay back,” said Ethan softly. Then he turned around, and his eyes lit up!

His eyes were so cold that it made some of their attackers tremble immediately. It felt as though a bloodthirsty animal was staring at them and it was absolutely terrifying.

He made a move!

Ethan was moving, and he was moving too quickly!

Winston cursed to himself when he saw this and quickly ran over. He knew that if he were a little slower, he wouldn’t get to have any fun at all.

Ethan and Winston were almost like two bolts of lightning. They attacked at the same time, like two angry dragons in the shape of humans as they charged towards the enemy.

They attacked the men savagely!

Ethan unleashed iron fist after iron fist, and one of his punches was so violent that one man howled loudly as his back bent suddenly and his bones cracked with a crisp sound. Goodness knows how many bones he cracked with that one impact.

He flew straight out like a shooting star.

Ethan was aggressive and bulldozed through the men. He didn’t rely on any fancy moves. All he used was brute force to annihilate them!

He didn’t have to be too thoughtful about small fry like them.

Dozens of men had fallen to the ground before long. They lay motionlessly on the floor as they howled in pain nonstop.

“Beat them to death! Go! Attack them!” yelled Harrison as his face turned pale. He didn’t expect Ethan and Winston to be this frightening.

Just as he took out an iron rod and prepared to rush over, a strong gust of wind suddenly hit him viciously on his face.

“You are the one who will die first!” shouted Winston angrily.

A hefty punch landed on Harrison’s face before he managed to dodge.

Blood gushed out!

Harrison’s face instantly caved in, and his nose bridge broke into several pieces!


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