Billionaire God of War Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217

Harrison covered his face with both hands as he fell backwards and screamed in agony. He curled up like a prawn and huddled while he trembled!

Winston didn’t stop at all and continued to attack hysterically!

He was getting stifled from boredom.

If Ethan didn’t bring him out to play, he would have exploded.

Even Ethan was incapable of pulling Winston back. Winston charged into the crowd like a ferocious tiger coming down the mountains!

Winston’s aggressive blows were accompanied by his hysterical laughter. The laugh was so bloodcurdling that it made everyone’s hair stand on end.

Even Maxwell didn’t expect Ethan and Winston to be such experts at fighting.

Maxwell felt like Ethan and Winston seemed to have purposely waited for them and even seemed eager to see them!

“Finish them both!” roared Maxwell as he hastily clenched his fists and glowered hard at Ethan. “You…you are mine!”

Once Maxwell killed Ethan, he was one step closer to being chairman compared to other leaders.

Maxwell charged over straight away. He raised his fists swiftly and smashed them violently towards Ethan from behind.

But Ethan suddenly reached his hand out as though he could see Maxwell from behind and grabbed his arm instead.

Both of them had very different physiques. Maxwell was a head taller than Ethan, and even his body was much bigger.

Yet his hands halted in mid-air. The moment Ethan grabbed Maxwell’s arm, he couldn’t move an inch!

“Am I yours?” asked Ethan softly as he turned around slowly. Although Ethan’s voice was soft, it struck like thunder and exploded in Maxwell’s ears as he continued, “I’m worried you can’t take it!”

Ethan suddenly pressed hard and broke Maxwell’s arm right away!

Maxwell’s face instantly turned pale.

His body was absolutely strong. He had been practicing martial arts for over a decade, so his physique was far tougher than average.

But Ethan managed to snap his arm like he was cutting a vegetable with a knife!

Before Maxwell could make a move, Ethan swiftly kicked Maxwell’s stomach viciously. He kicked so hard that it sent Maxwell flying over ten meters before he crashed on the wall and instantly went motionless.

Their glorious Ox sub-sect leader couldn’t even survive a single one of Ethan’s moves!

The members of the Ox sub-sect went into a panic.

They didn’t expect Ethan and Winston to be able to defeat them so soundly.

Never mind how terrifyingly strong and powerful Ethan was. Just that crazy Winston alone was impossible to hold up against!

In two minutes, the ground was filled with sprawling people crying in agony and incapable of getting up.

Harrison convulsed for a while before passing out completely with his face covered in blood.

Ethan stood there and scanned the place with a blatant look of disdain.

“It’s a little noisy,” said Ethan.

The public bath instantly fell silent!

No one dared to make a sound.

Regardless of how hard it was, they didn’t dare to make a sound even if they had to bite their arms. They didn’t want to make Ethan unhappy.

Winston dragged Maxwell over like a dead dog.

He kicked Maxwell onto the ground and sneered, “Aren’t the Oxen very powerful? Didn’t you want to kill us? Who gave you the guts?”

Maxwell gritted his teeth in agony.


Ethan slapped him and said, “Did you want to kill me?”

Maxwell couldn’t help trembling as Ethan narrowed his eyes and looked at him murderously.

He didn’t know what came over him. The moment Ethan stared at him, the threats that he had at the tip of his tongue instantly died out.

An insuppressible fear rose from the bottom of his heart!


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