Billionaire God of War Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218

“There are many people who want me dead in the world. They were all stronger and more influential than you, but now…”

Ethan’s voice sounded like it came from the bowels of hell as he continued, “They are all dead!”

Maxwell shivered.

“How…how dare you come overseas! Kings Sect won’t let you off…”

“You’re wrong,” said Ethan as he patted Maxwell’s face, “I came overseas precisely because I don’t want to let Kings Sect off.”

Maxwell’s eyes swiftly constricted and became filled with terror!

Ethan…came abroad to finish Kings Sect off?

He was really too audacious!

“I waited for you guys to come home, but you guys never came,” said Ethan as he shook his head. “I’m very disappointed. Since none of you dared to come back home, I came over here. So that all of you…will never get to return!”

Maxwell was truly frightened.

In the past, he didn’t feel threatened by Ethan at all. But as he knelt before Ethan now, he could sense the terrifying murderous aura radiating from Ethan’s body!

It felt as though this aura was real!

“Are…are you going to kill me?” asked Maxwell with his voice trembling, and his throat parched. “The Chairman of Kings Sect…”

“He’s going to die too,” said Ethan without beating around the bush. “All of you will die.”

Then he placed his fingers on Maxwell’s forehead and flicked hard…

It was as though a bullet hit his head!

Maxwell instantly fell backward while blood gushed from his forehead!

Maxwell, the leader of the Oxen, was dead!

All of Maxwell’s subordinates felt their scalps going completely numb. They couldn’t control their limbs and didn’t dare to move an inch. It was as though they had been thrown into an icy cave and were sealed shut inside with ice.

“Boss, what damage did you suffer here?” asked Ethan as he turned around to look at the bathhouse owner. But the bathhouse owner didn’t dare to say a word.

He was dumbstruck.

“How about this? They will compensate you ten times the damage,” said Ethan. Then he turned to look at the members of the Ox sub-sect who were still sprawling on the ground and said, “I want it paid in five minutes.”

The people lying on the ground climbed and rushed over to the bathhouse owner hysterically. Then they kowtowed and begged for mercy as they asked him desperately how much they had to compensate him.

The bathhouse owner got a huge shock.

“US$10,000 for each chair,” muttered Ethan to himself. But after he spoke, those who smashed the chairs earlier swiftly whipped out their phones. They trembled in fear while they transferred their compensation to the bathhouse owner.

“US$50,000 for a table.”

“US$10,000 for each broom.”

“US$10,000 for every floor tile.”

Ethan continued to mutter like this while all the members of the Ox sub-sect hurriedly transferred their money and were more afraid that if they were too slow, Ethan would become unhappy.

They didn’t care how much they had to compensate. It was way better than paying with their lives!

Even someone as strong as the leader of the Oxen, Maxwell, perished at a flick of Ethan’s finger.

How could they retaliate?

In five minutes.

The bathhouse owner’s expression became a little numb. All the fund transfer notifications he received added up to over US$6 million. He couldn’t even make that sort of money in ten lifetimes!

“Boss, you’re getting old. It’s time to go back to your roots. The country’s doing pretty well right now,” said Ethan as he patted the bathhouse owner’s back. Then he turned to leave with Winston without speaking further.

The bathhouse owner’s lips moved as he looked at Ethan and Winston from behind. In his mind, images of his hometown surfaced immediately.

“Big Boss, I haven’t had enough fun. Where to next?”

Winston’s voice came from a distance.


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