Billionaire God of War Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222

If even Dalton’s trusted subordinate was disappointed in Dalton and voted for Milton, it would firmly legitimize his promotion to the chairman.

They were cunning. They were extremely crafty people here!

“I agree,” said Meredith slowly after inhaling deeply and staring hard at Milton.

She knew she had no other choice.

“Hahaha!” said Milton as he laughed out loud when he heard Meredith’s response. “Thank you for your support! I, Milton, am unfit to be the chairman. But since everyone wants me to serve as the chairman, I won’t disappoint you!”

Then he said loudly, “Then from now on, Kings Sect’s chairman is no longer Dalton Moore, but I, Milton Bonin! I promise to bring Kings Sect to its previous heights. And our first step to greatness is by trampling Ethan’s corpse under our feet!”

Things had gone as Milton planned.

Milton was suddenly grateful for Ethan.

If Ethan hadn’t suddenly appeared, he wouldn’t have the chance.

Now he had to kill Ethan and Dalton and stabilize his position by trampling their bodies under his feet!

“My men have located Ethan’s position. Please prepare, everyone. We have to make Las Vegas shake with our battle!” roared Milton.


Ethan raised his head and looked at the Moore family’s estate front door.

“He has been inside and never once left. I’m certain he’s in there.”

A silhouette flashed, and Brother Geoff appeared next to Ethan to report this.

They were in charge of keeping an eye on Dalton and to ensure that he didn’t run off. They had stood guard here for days, almost without any rest.

“Good,” said Ethan as he nodded. “Keep standing guard here.”

“Big Boss, don’t you need us to come with you?” asked Brother Geoff a little worried.

They knew that Dalton wasn’t the only highly skilled fighter in the Moore household. It could be dangerous for Ethan to enter on his own.

“There’s no need. You have to wait for other guests,” said Ethan before walking straight into the estate.

Before Brother Geoff realized what he was talking about, Winston put an arm around his neck and chuckled, “Hope we can catch a big fish today. Dalton…isn’t good enough.”

Then their silhouettes disappeared once more.

Guards patrolled outside the Moore family estate from time to time. From a distance, they saw Ethan and instantly went on high alert!

The sound of footsteps running over could be heard instantly.

“Who goes there?”

“Stop him!”

“If anyone comes close, kill them all!”

Inside the estate’s study.

Dalton sat there restlessly. He took a few sips of tea before slowly calming down.

He didn’t bother with the things going on at Kings Sect for now. The most important thing was how to survive His Lordship’s attack!

“What happened?” asked Dalton when he heard a commotion outside with his eyes constricting. “Is he here?”

“Mr Moore!” said the butler as he knocked on the study door and said, “Mr Moore, Ethan is here!”

“Ethan?” asked Dalton as he raised his brow. The fury he suppressed for so long instantly emerged.

This fellow actually dared to come here?

This fellow even dared to come to his house?

He had guessed that Ethan was the one responsible for the chaos within Kings Sect and had secretly done something. This brat was waiting to be killed!

“How many men did he bring?” asked Dalton coldly.

“He’s alone,” said the butler as he gulped.

“Hahaha, he’s so arrogant! How dare he charge into the Moore family estate on his own? Where is he now?” said Dalton. He was so angry that he smiled instead. No one had ever insulted him like this before.

There were more than 200 men standing guard outside the Moore family villa, including dozens of grandmaster level fighters. Ethan was digging his own grave!

“He is…already at the study entrance,” said the butler with a voice filled with terror.


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