Billionaire God of War Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223

Dalton trembled when he heard this.

He was already at the study entrance?

This had to be some kind of joke, right?!

He swiftly held up his fists and turned to walk over to the window. He pushed it open to see that more than 200 guards lay sprawling downstairs in a mess and not a single one was left standing.

Even all his grandmaster level fighters were defeated!

Dalton swallowed saliva nervously as his expression kept changing.

Two silhouettes appeared behind him and stood there without coming close.

Dalton reached his hand out and waved as he said, “Don’t come out yet. Stay concealed for now. Find a chance to kill him!”

Then he walked to the door and opened it.

The butler stood outside and shivered with his face completely blanched of color.

One man stood behind him.


“Mr Moore, nice to meet you,” said Ethan as he reached his hand out and patted the butler on the shoulder. “You have no business here. Just get us some tea.”

The butler nodded hurriedly. He didn’t dare to oppose him.

He had just witnessed Ethan slapping grandmaster fighters to death earlier on!

Dalton looked at Ethan and said, “I didn’t think you would dare to come.”

“Aren’t you going to invite me in for a seat?” asked Ethan with a laugh.

“Please,” said Dalton with a frosty look in his eyes as he opened the door to invite Ethan in.

Ethan wasn’t anxious at all. It looked as though he had walked straight into his own home.

Dalton’s heart palpitated. He didn’t know whether Ethan was fearless or confident, but Ethan didn’t seem bothered by any potential danger.

The brat was genuinely talented enough to take out all the guards in the estate effortlessly. He must be at least an advanced grandmaster level fighter, or even…a top advanced grandmaster!

He wasn’t easy to deal with at all.

Ethan sat down on the couch without bothering to be polite.

After the butler sent the tea in, he left anxiously.

“Exactly what do you want?” asked Dalton as he stared at Ethan warily.

He didn’t expect Ethan to come to Las Vegas or move in on Kings Sect and himself so swiftly.

“Does His Lordship want you to kill me?”

“You are overthinking it. I have nothing to do with him,” said Ethan as he shook his head. “In reality, His Lordship and I both want to kill each other.”

Dalton’s eyes swiftly constricted as he asked, “So you don’t work for him?”

“Is he fit?” replied Ethan with a cold smile. “He’s an evil man who should have died at my hands a long time ago.”

Dalton was suddenly a little confused.

What was going on?

If Ethan didn’t work for His Lordship or Hidden Sect, then all this that happened…

“All of us stepped into the game, His Lordship, you, me and the L’Oreal family,” said Ethan when he saw the look of disbelief on Dalton’s face. “In the end, one of us must die.”

“Are you saying that I’m the one who must die?”

Dalton suddenly looked ferocious.

“You underestimate me too much!”

Ethan laughed as he took the tea and sniffed it gently. He ignored Dalton’s hysterical screams and nodded as he said, “Oh, this is good tea.”

“Ethan!” yelled Dalton angrily. “Do you really think you can fool me? You probably won’t be able to leave this estate in one piece!”

“I know there are still two advanced grandmaster level experts in this room,” Ethan unhurriedly. “But they won’t be able to save you.”

Dalton trembled.

Ethan even knew about that?

“Did Cillian tell you about that?”

“He didn’t have to. I could have found that out easily,” said Ethan as he blew the tea while he sipped it. Then he looked up and glanced at Dalton to say, “You know, actually, there’s no feud between us.”


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