Billionaire God of War Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224

Dalton wanted to swear at Ethan and ask him why he wanted to kill him!

Why did he force the Moore family into a dead end?

“Someone does want you dead, so you won’t survive. Whose hand you die at is unimportant now,” said Ethan.

Two silhouettes appeared behind Dalton.

Three highly skilled fighters were now looking at Ethan as he drank tea.

“But I think you are the one who will die today,” roared Dalton.

Ethan sat there composedly as he held the teacup. He leaned against the couch and didn’t even intend to get up.

He looked up at Dalton with pity in his eyes.

“His Lordship wants to kill me, but even he can’t do it! If you want to kill me, you can dream on!”

Dalton’s energy instantly surged. Just as he wanted to make a move…

A dagger suddenly stabbed into his waist viciously.

Dalton’s expression changed as he turned to look at the man on his left in disbelief.

The man standing on Dalton’s right also stabbed him.

Both men attacked him viciously and decisively on his left and right. When the two daggers pierced into Dalton’s waist, blood instantly stained his clothing.

“You two…” said Dalton as he suddenly lost all his strength.

Two spots under his ribs were stabbed!

He stared hard at the men on both sides. It was completely inconceivable that they could betray him.

“He was right. Since you have to die, it isn’t important whose hands you die at,” said one of the men. “If not for today, we would probably never have been able to come close to you because you’ve never trusted us at all in the first place.”

A powerful opponent like Ethan left Dalton no choice but to stand united with them.

But it didn’t cross Dalton’s mind that they had waited for this day for a long time too.

Dalton held his waist as all energy drained from him gradually. He retreated a couple of steps before falling on the ground with his face ghastly pale.

“His Lordship is pretty good,” said Ethan as he put the teacup down and clapped. “I’m impressed. I’m impressed. So did you two find the manual?”

The two said nothing and just stared hard at Ethan.

They were keenly aware that Ethan wasn’t easy to deal with!

Even if they fought to their deaths, they might not be able to snatch the manual from Ethan.

Ethan glanced at them before walking over to Dalton. He reached his hand out and patted his shoulder as he said, “We can make a deal now. If you hand over the manual, I will let you live.”

“You…” replied Dalton with his face pale. He was dying to strangle Ethan to death!

Ethan already knew that Dalton’s men would betray him, and even knew that those two wanted to kill him and snatch the manual…

More and more blood gushed out. If he didn’t deal with the wounds soon, just the internal injuries alone could kill him!

“You don’t have much time left, Mr Moore,” said Ethan as he sighed gently. “I still need 30 seconds to kill them. If you hesitate, you will bleed more.”

Dalton’s lips trembled. Then he reached to his chest…and retrieved the manual to hand it to Ethan. He wanted to live!

He didn’t think that he would end up like this. Dalton didn’t even have the chance to attack before Ethan and His Lordship had cornered him!

“Hand over the manual!”

When the two men saw Dalton giving Ethan the manual, they shouted sternly.

Then they charged over straight away!

Ethan raised his hands and punched twice with a murderous look in his eyes. He sent the two men hurtling away through mid-air.

“The manual is mine now,” he said coldly, “How dare you try and snatch my things?”


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