Billionaire God of War Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225

Ethan’s eyes were extremely cold.

He deliberately raised his hand and waved the manual he just obtained from Dalton.

“How dare you try and snatch my things?”

Then he placed the manual in his pocket straight away and even patted it like both men were nothing in his eyes.

He was arrogant!

He was domineering!

“Kill him!”

The two highly skilled fighters looked at each other and attacked Ethan without hesitation as they charged towards him once more.

They had waited for a long time to get an opportunity to get the manual.

They only found the chance today to come close to the ever-vigilant Dalton. It didn’t cross their minds that Ethan would be able to get the manual so easily.

They were both advanced grandmaster level fighters. They swept towards Ethan at the same time, one on the left and the other on the right to execute fatal moves!

Without the manual, they would have failed their mission.

If they failed, they had to pay with their lives!

“You’re asking for it!” said Ethan as he glared at them. He raised his fists swiftly and caused a gust of wind to start blowing.

Ethan hurled a punch and it collided with his attacker.

He unleashed a powerful blow. Ethan stood there motionlessly as its violent impact sent the man flying right away. The man slid several meters before he was able to steady himself. His face was filled with shock.

The other man pounced on the chance to attack Ethan from another direction.

He was fast!

And vicious!

“Go to hell!”

The man flicked his wrist as he gripped his dagger tightly and attacked Ethan as swiftly as lightning.

But how could someone like him ever be able to hurt Ethan?

Ethan’s fist came crashing down on the dagger straight away. With a crisp crack, the dagger broke into two instantly.

The man was so frightened that his face turned pale.

“That’s impossible!”

How hard did Ethan’s fists have to be to break that dagger of his?

“Nothing is impossible.” Ethan reached his hand out and grabbed the man right away. Then his fingers instantly had the man in a stranglehold as he said, “You just haven’t seen the world yet.”

Then he suddenly pressed hard, and the man’s body went completely limp with a crack.

The corpse landed heavily on the ground. The other man trembled without daring to make a move.

He felt that Ethan was a monster. He was inhuman!

They were both advanced grandmaster level fighters. Wherever they went, they were considered the best. Even within Hidden Sect, His Lordship had promised them very respectable titles.

But when faced with Ethan, he could feel nothing but helplessness!

He was simply too strong for them!

Dalton was gradually losing consciousness as he held onto his wounds hard.

But when Dalton saw both of Ethan’s punches, he couldn’t help trembling as terror filled his eyes.

Although he possessed one page of the manual and had practiced it for years, he was never able to master it fully.

But Dalton was keenly aware of his ability. He was many times stronger than he was years ago. And he used to think that he was great enough to rise above everyone and become one of the top experts in the world…

However, after seeing Ethan, the helplessness in Dalton’s heart almost made him collapse!

Even he couldn’t have been able to withstand Ethan’s blows at all.

Even though he was violent, Ethan was wilder!

Despite his agility, Ethan was nimbler!

Even though he was fierce, Ethan was crueler!

“Aren’t you going to snatch it anymore?”

Ethan walked over to the last man and said, “No one has ever dared to snatch my things. No one has ever been able to take what is mine. Come and try snatching it!”


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