Billionaire God of War Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228

“He came,” said Dalton as he gasped for breath. He felt exhausted.

He had just heard Ethan fighting His Lordship. That sort of commotion was inconceivable to him.

They were both so genuinely formidable!

Dalton used to think that he was His Lordship’s equal. From the looks of it now, His Lordship didn’t kill him only because Kings Sect posed a threat to him.

Now that Ethan had destroyed Kings Sect…

Dalton could hear Milton and the others outside in the hall. Those fools had sent themselves to their deaths by giving Ethan the chance to finish them off in one fell swoop.

“His Lordship…”

“He escaped,” sneered Ethan.

Dalton’s face was ghastly pale as he swallowed his saliva. Disbelief flashed across his face.

How could someone like His Lordship run away?

Did Ethan beat him up so badly that he had to escape?

How strong could Ethan be?

“Who is he?” asked Ethan as he stared at Dalton. “I guess you ought to know.”

“That’s right. I do know,” said Dalton as he closed his eyes to ease his fatigue. “But I don’t dare to say it.”

“You’re already going to die and you’re still not going to say it?” asked Ethan.

“I can’t say it even if I’m going to die,” said Dalton as he laughed bitterly. “I didn’t think that I would end up like this. Perhaps from the moment that His Lordship forced me to go overseas 20 years ago and hunt for the manual, I was already destined to die. But…I didn’t think I would come to this end.”

Dalton had been wary all his life, be it towards Cillian, his two guards, or even each member of Kings Sect.

But in the end, he still miscalculated.

Perhaps there wasn’t a single soul he could trust around him, and His Lordship had already infiltrated his forces.

“I know that you want to know his identity so that you can find the manual,” said Dalton as he opened his eyes and looked at Ethan, “You are powerful. Probably even stronger than His Lordship, but it’s no use… you can’t afford to offend him. And you can’t beat him.”

Dalton shook his head as he smiled bitterly.

A shred of helplessness and hopelessness emerged on his face as he muttered, “No one can go against them. No one…”

Ethan stepped forward and slapped Dalton on his face!

“Who says no one can go against them? You might be a coward, I’m not!”

Dalton looked at Ethan with his lips quivering.

He suddenly stared widely and roared, “He belongs to a martial arts family! A pure line of martial artists! No one can offend them! Do you understand?”

“You have no idea. Even Hidden Sect is nothing but their plaything. Do you get it?” roared Dalton hysterically.

After yelling a few times madly, he instantly coughed violently. Blood sprayed from his mouth as he gasped hard.

“A martial arts family?” asked Ethan as he frowned. He never heard about one before.

No one in the local martial arts circle, not even the likes of someone as knowledgeable Ivan, had ever brought up those three words.

Dalton coughed violently and spat more and more blood until he shrank entirely and fell straight to the ground.

“Mr Moore! Mr Moore!” shouted the butler anxiously.

Ethan glanced and knew Dalton was bound to die. Not even the gods could save him.

He turned to leave without saying a word.

The hall had transformed into hell on earth.

Milton and the others knelt with terror brimming from their eyes. There was no sign of their previous arrogance and high-handedness.

Ethan didn’t even look at them. He had never thought anything of them.

“Kings Sect no longer exists,” said Ethan as he walked away, leaving Milton and the others to shiver���

“Spare us! Spare us! Please spare us!”


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