Billionaire God of War Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229

Milton and the others screamed in terror.

He thought he had brought everyone here to take Ethan’s life today and to use his corpse as his stepping stone to become the chairman. But he didn’t think that this place would turn into a living hell, and that they were all going to die here!

“Please…” said Milton as he knelt on the ground and kowtowed, “I’m not Kings Sect’s chairman. I’m not…”

Brother Geoff didn’t give a hoot and went straight up to snap his neck!

It wasn’t important whether he was Kings Sect’s chairman or not.

Since Ethan said Kings Sect was gone, then these people had no reason to exist anymore!

They were all feeling resentful about letting His Lordship escape unscathed after finally drawing him out into the open.

“Everyone must die!” roared Brother Geoff.


Kings Sect was gone.

It was as though a huge bomb had exploded in Las Vegas. In an instant, the entire city was in shock.

No one expected something as strong as Kings Sect to suddenly collapse.

No one even knew what happened to them.

When the news reached Amelia’s ears, she was in disbelief.

She thought Ethan was just engaging in a small-scale fight and would even lose to Kings Sect eventually. After all, Kings Sect had many highly skilled fighters and was very formidable.

Even if Ethan was influential in China, how could he go against Kings Sect overseas?

Amelia fell into a long silence after she read the news.

“Miss L’Oreal, Dalton is dead. Arrangements were made for his children to leave Las Vegas, and no one knows where they are. As for Kings Sect…”

Her subordinate didn’t need to elaborate. Kings Sect’s ruin had already shaken Las Vegas, but no one knew how it happened at all.

“I didn’t see it coming,” said Amelia as she sighed. “I keep reminding myself not to underestimate Ethan but I still belittled him in the end. It seems I’ve made a mistake.”

Although Amelia appeared s*xy and intoxicating as she bit her lips, there was unmistakable fury in her eyes.

She was angry with herself.

If Amelia made a misstep, she would lose a perfectly timed opportunity.

“Give L’Oreal’s distribution rights to Palmer Group. That is, if they are interested.”

Amelia turned to look at her subordinate as she said, “If they don’t want it, then L’Oreal is to back out of the Chinese market and not have any conflict with Palmer Group at all.”

“Yes, Miss L’Oreal!”

“Also!” Amelia continued, “Work with Palmer Group and help them expand overseas. It doesn’t matter even if we lose a part of our market share. I will explain it to the family, and you just have to get it done. Remember to be quick about it, we must not lose the chance to get to Palmer Group first again.”

When her subordinate heard her, he parted his lips to ask why, but didn’t ask in the end.

“Yes, Miss L’Oreal, I understand.”

Amelia sat there and stared at Ethan’s picture on her phone.

“Who are you exactly?”

She was even more curious about Ethan now.

Ethan had completely destroyed both the Moore family and even their backing, Kings Sect, in such a short time.

No ordinary man could have done it.

Ethan had high status and was formidable in both the legal and illegal circles.

But who was he exactly?

“I will see through you sooner or later, Ethan.”

Then Amelia closed her eyes as she leaned on the couch and contemplated.

Amelia wanted to know what Ethan was doing now. She wanted to know what was on his mind. After eradicating the Moore family and Kings Sect, what would Ethan do next?

If she could keep up with Ethan’s pace and act before he did, then she could control the situation!


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