Billionaire God of War Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231

His Lordship didn’t linger around and left immediately.

The windows in the empty room weren’t shut. The blinds immediately fluttered along with the breeze.

A silhouette walked over slowly.

It was none other than Daniel Cross who had left ahead of His Lordship!

There was a complicated expression on his face as he looked at the blood on the ground that His Lordship had coughed out. He furrowed his brows tightly.

“Ethan is indeed frightening,” muttered Daniel. “If this goes on, we can’t complete the mission. My Lord, you might be doing this for yourself, but the family certainly won’t let you just do as you please.”

Daniel narrowed his eyes. He had already thought of how to explain things.

“Now I have to go over and get scolded. It’s always me, humph!”

Daniel didn’t continue talking. He reached his hand out to close the window before leaving quietly.


Ethan was already back in Greencliff.

He appeared exhausted as he sat on the couch like a pool of mud.

“Hurry up! Argh, forget it. You’re such a klutz! I’ll do it!”

April’s voice came from the kitchen. She was scolding William for being clumsy and sounded disdainful.

April felt sorry for Ethan when she saw him looking so exhausted after conducting an inspection abroad, so she immediately wanted to prepare something nourishing for him.

She called William into the kitchen to help, but he ended up being more of a burden, so she chased him out right away.

“You brat,” said William as he plopped onto the couch with jealousy brimming from his eyes. “Don’t go overboard!”

“She’s my wife!” said William unhappily, “If you want to act pitiful, then go do it in front of your own wife!”

Ethan smiled as he pulled a cushion over to hug it. “But my wife can’t cook.”


He was such a smart mouth!

William got angry with Ethan.

“Who says she can’t cook? Can’t you groom her?”

The moment William finished his words, Diane’s voice came, “Mum, is dinner ready? I’m hungry!”

Her voice reached them before she even came in.

William had just said those words and now he had to hear this glutton come looking for food. His face turned red from embarrassment. Couldn’t his daughter work harder for crying out loud?

He glared at Diane as she stepped into the house. The minute Diane saw Ethan lying on the couch, she ran in without even putting her purse down.

“Hubby!” said Diane as she lunged over and embraced Ethan as if William was air.

“Are you home already? Why didn’t you say so? I could have picked you up.”

Ethan smiled as he touched Diane’s hair and pulled her into his embrace. Then he kissed her on the forehead.

“Ashley said you were in a meeting, so I didn’t want to disturb you.”

William felt like a 10,000-watt lightbulb as he watched the two sit there glued by the hip.

He only shook his head and escaped back into the kitchen again.

“Honey, I think I’d better help you out here…those youngsters outside are too scary.”

At the dining table.

There were eight dishes for the four of them, and it was so sumptuous that it seemed like they were celebrating the New Year’s.

“Ethan, eat more. Eat up, then go rest,” said April as she looked at him pitifully. She then turned to look at William and Diane and scolded them, “You guys are terrible. Palmer Group is such a huge company. Isn’t there anyone else who can work? Why does Ethan have to do everything? You two are the Chairman and CEO, why don’t you do any of the work?”

William hung his head and ate without retorting.

During this time, he had spent enough nights on the couch and the floor.

If he bad mouthed Ethan the slightest bit, April would come down hard on him. It was hard being Ethan’s father-in-law.

But Diane was indignant.

“Mum, but we are super busy and we have a rough time too.”

Diane sulked, but she didn’t forget to snatch Ethan’s pork ribs as she exclaimed, “I’ve even lost weight!”


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