Billionaire God of War Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232

“Lost weight, my foot!”

April snatched the pork ribs from Diane and placed it back in Ethan’s bowl. “Ethan is the one who lost weight! How could you snatch food from Ethan? That’s not right of you, Diane.”

Diane sighed and shrugged. She was accustomed to this.

If she weren’t confident that Ethan was the one who roamed the streets back then, she would suspect that their situation was the reverse, and he was the one who gave her a lollipop instead.

And this mother of hers was her evil mother-in-law.

“It has been quite busy in the company lately,” said William in a stifled tone as he defended his daughter. “Palmer Group is big now, but we aren’t doing it for profit. In order to do all that charity, we need a lot of money. Diane is working hard to get the funding.”

Then he purposely glanced at Ethan.

Who said his daughter didn’t work hard?

Wasn’t she working her ass off for this brat sitting here?

“Do you need money?” asked Ethan as he chewed on his pork rib. He looked up at Diane as he asked, “How much do you need?”

“I can’t take your personal money,” said Diane right away. “That’s your money.”

Ethan removed another card from his pocket and said, “The profit made recently from investing Palmer Group’s funds isn’t considered my money.”

Diane was instantly stunned.

“How much?”

When Diane saw the icon on the card, she knew that there was a massive sum of money on the card.

“Over US$2 billion, I think.”

It became even quieter.

Ethan spoke nonchalantly as though there was only $20 on the card and not US$2 billion.

“When I was in Las Vegas, a friend of mine insisted we play a few rounds. He’s fairly good, so I won a little because of him.”

Was this considered only a little? Was this considered fairly good?

If Diane didn’t know what sort of place Las Vegas was, she would have believed him. If anyone had this sort of capability, he would definitely be considered the god of gamblers!

William just continued eating and didn’t want to talk about Ethan.

April was no longer that middle-aged homemaker she used to be. She had encountered a lot now, so US$2 billion was small change to her since Ethan had plenty of money.

“Does he play mahjong?”

April paid attention to different things as compared to Diane and William.

“Yes, he does,” said Ethan as he nodded immediately. He knew that April played mahjong occasionally to pass the time.

“Then is that friend of yours a good player?” asked April. She was instantly excited as she said, “Why don’t you invite him to Greencliff and teach me? I lost $200 recently, and it’s killing me!”

April couldn’t help complaining.

“Who dares to win my Mum? Who is it? How dare he?” asked Ethan furiously. “I will call that God of Gambling later and get him to come over. We can’t let them win your money just like that!”

“The God of Gambling?”

April paused. “Then it can’t be easy to invite him over, right?”

Without saying a word, Ethan called Will right away. He told Will to board the earliest flight tomorrow and rush over to Greencliff to play mahjong with April.

How could he become the God of Gambling without defeating all the gamblers in the region?

William left the table quietly. Ethan was going to get the God of Gambling to come over and play mahjong with April.

Only Ethan could do such things. More importantly, he could hear over the phone that this God of Gambling, a man who had won more than US$2 billion, sounded more excited than his own wife!

She merely lost a few hundred at mahjong.

Diane contained her laughter. She knew that Ethan couldn’t stand the sight of April getting pushed around the least bit, not even if it was just a game of mahjong.

But weren’t they being bullies for getting the God of Gambling to help April win some dignity back?

Diane didn’t want to take Ethan’s money, even if he won it from the casino.

Just as Diane was about to return the card to Ethan, her phone suddenly rang. It was Enoch Aronnax calling.

“Professor Aronnax? Why did he call again?”

Diane picked up the call and frowned slightly as she said, “I already told him that it’s not within Palmer Group’s scope.”


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