Billionaire God of War Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233

Diane was put on the spot.

It wasn’t her first time experiencing this, and most of the employees in the company could deal with it.

Palmer Group had to have its own rules in order to develop further, and everything had to go by the rules. That was one of the first things Ethan said.

Nothing could be accomplished without rules.

If there were no rules and regulations, then Palmer Group’s development was just empty talk.

“Okay, then I’ll come by the office in a moment,” said Diane as she sighed. She picked up her chopsticks and continued eating, but she had no appetite.

“Mum, did you see that? Your daughter-in-law works hard as well.”

Diane couldn’t help ridiculing herself.

“What happened?” asked April as she gave Diane one pork rib. “I’ll let you have just one piece.”

“Just something at work,” said Diane. She was already numb. Ethan was April’s true favorite, and she was her obsolete daughter.

Despite that, she found the pork ribs tasty.

“Palmer Group does a lot of charity in the areas of culture, sports, and education. We want to help those who need help, but someone thinks that Palmer Group is his ATM.”

This was Palmer Group’s greatest difference from the other companies.

Palmer Group was a money-spinner now, but as the owners of Palmer Group, their family didn’t have much money.

Most of their profit was invested in charity, as well as market and company development.

Putting it simply, Diane wasn’t working hard for the money at all.

Money was just a material object.

Ethan, the billionaire, said so.

“Did someone put you in a spot?” asked Ethan. He placed the bowl of pork ribs in front of Diane and smiled as he said, “It’s the first time I’m hearing someone dare to make things hard for my wife.”

“It would have been easier if he were a scoundrel,” said Diane as she twitched her lips, “Would any of them dare to break Palmer Group or Greencliff’s rules? But he happens to be an elderly professor who used to teach me.”

“Palmer Group doesn’t do backdoor deals,” said April.

Diane already made this clear. Many of their relatives wanted to get their children into Palmer Group through her, but April rejected them all. They could only work in Palmer Group on their own merit.

Diane didn’t want an exception to be made.

“Mum, Diane isn’t like that. There must be a reason why she is put on the spot,” said Ethan as he smiled. “Tell me, see if your hubby can help solve it.”

“This old professor specializes in archaeology. Recently, he has a project involving the excavation of precious historical relics, but he can’t get the funding, so he came to Palmer Group…” said Diane, “But our company evaluated the project and decided it wasn’t within our scope.”

If it wasn’t meaningful enough, Palmer Group wouldn’t support it. After all, money wasn’t easy to come by.

Palmer Group was a huge company with thousands of diligent employees. She didn’t build it for her selfish desires.

After Diane finished most of the pork ribs in her bowl, she burped and wiped her mouth with a tissue.

“I’m going back to the office. The professor keeps asking for me.”

Diane knew that if she didn’t go, the professor would keep waiting.

“I’ll send you there,” said Ethan as he stood up and followed behind her.

Palmer Group was different from other companies. Profit wasn’t its sole objective nor its priority.

They earned money in the hope that Palmer Group could shoulder more social responsibility and help those that truly needed it.


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