Billionaire God of War Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235

Ashley sighed and whispered, “CEO Palmer, this professor is seriously stubborn…”

“It’s alright,” Diane laughed. “I’ll talk to him.”

Ashley nodded and looked at Ethan standing next to Diane. “Brother Ethan is here too, so I’m not worried.”

After that, she happily knocked off.

“It’s high time this girl got married,” laughed Ethan.

“Just nice, I’ve got a good buddy and I think they’re very suitable for each other.”

Diane rolled her eyes at him.

This wasn’t the time to try to pair other people up. There was a stubborn old man sitting in the meeting room that was difficult to talk to right now.

She didn’t say anything and just walked into the meeting room.

“CEO Palmer! You’re finally here!”

Enoch Aronnax immediately stood to his feet. He didn’t need to be so polite to a younger person given his status.

Even in the school where he taught, he was famous for having a foul temper.

He didn’t seem to understand how to interact, and didn’t seem to care about building relationships with others.

“Professor Aronnax,” Diane took a step forward. “You don’t have to be so polite, please take a seat.”

Enoch Aronnax looked a little awkward.

Diane was only in her twenties and was not too much older than his own granddaughter. But he was here to ask Diane for money, so he had to behave more politely than usual.

Besides, he knew about Palmer Group, and he respected both the company and the Palmer family greatly.

“This is my husband,” introduced Diane when she saw Enoch looking at him curiously. “He heard about your case and wanted to meet you.”

“Hello, Professor Aronnax.” Ethan stuck a hand out and shook Enoch’s hand. He immediately felt all the calluses on the old professor’s hand. He wouldn’t have such thick calluses unless he had done a lot of menial work before.

“Hello, hello,” Enoch responded hurriedly. “I really don’t have a choice, and I’m really sorry to have to disturb Palmer Group again.”

“I know that Palmer Group has been a very charitable business all along and your company really wants to contribute to society. What I’m doing now may not seem to be valuable and meaningful at the moment, but I can promise you that I will definitely prove its meaning and value in the future!”

Enoch was a little agitated.

He had applied for financial help from Palmer Group three times already, but he had been rejected each time.

He knew that Palmer Group had their own rules on these. They were happy to be involved in charitable works, but money didn’t fall from the sky. So every project they supported had to go through strict checks before approval.

If a large company like this didn’t have its own rules, then how was it going to be able to expand?

“CEO Palmer, please believe me, I’m not here to swindle you of your money, I…”

“Professor Aronnax, calm down.” Ethan smiled and got Enoch to sit down. “Diane, his water has gone cold, get Professor Aronnax a glass of warm water.”

Diane immediately went to get the water.

Enoch was stunned for a moment. Diane was the head of Palmer Group and called all the shots, but she didn’t have any of that authority in front of her own husband.

“Professor Aronnax, tell me what’s the situation.” Ethan sat down on a chair to be on the same level as Enoch. “Palmer Group has its own rules and guidelines on approving projects, and I believe Professor Aronnax must have looked through them when you applied for financial help. We have to judge if your situation does meet our requirements first.”


Enoch started to get more anxious when he heard these words.

He was most afraid of Ethan talking to him about the rules, because according to these rules, his application definitely couldn’t pass.

“Don’t be anxious, I’m not done,” said Ethan. “Rules are dead, but humans are alive. Palmer Group’s rules are also always going through a perfecting process. If I think that your situation is suitable and meets our requirements, then it will help us in making amendments and changes to our current set of guidelines. Do you understand what I mean?”


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