Billionaire God of War Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236

Enoch Aronnax started to become a little excited upon hearing this.

He held onto Ethan’s hand as if Ethan had already agreed.

No matter what, Ethan’s words had touched him greatly.

Finally, there was someone who was willing to give him a chance to explain himself.

In the school, the directors all shook their heads and said his project was meaningless. They said that it was a waste of money and might even bring harm to the school’s reputation.

Enoch couldn’t stand their attitude, so he tried to find a way to gather some funds and he had put in all his life savings, including mortgaging his own house. He had finally found some clues and had some results.

But in order to research further and discover more, he needed more money.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Enoch took a deep breath.

“The project I’m doing is about discovering ancient civilizations. It might not be an ancient civilization of our own country, but a special sort of civilization. Perhaps it existed before but has now completely disappeared!”

“Do you believe in aliens?” asked Enoch seriously as he looked at Ethan.

“I’ll believe in them if I see them.”

“Exactly. Without seeing it, nobody will really believe in them. In the same way, nobody has seen those ancient civilizations, so nobody believes in it. But I’m very certain that these ancient civilizations exist!”

He was just using aliens as an example. Diane got a shock at first and thought that this professor really had crazy ideas.

“Actually, in ancient times, there were many civilizations that existed, but they completely disappeared because of certain reasons.” Enoch held a finger out. “For example, among the ones that have been proven are Huntjue Kingdom, Loulan Kingdom, Ancient Babylon…”

The moment he started talking about what he was best at, Professor Aronnax’s manner became different.

Ethan didn’t become impatient and just listened to him seriously while nodding from time to time. He had heard about these things before. When he was sent on missions, he had to understand and know some of these things at the back of his hand.

He had to know astronomy, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, technology…Ethan had to know so much. His martial arts prowess was just one part of it.

“The ancient civilization I’m searching for now doesn’t have a name at the moment, and until now, I’ve only been able to find some textual clues.”

His results were almost as good as none, and he was afraid that Ethan would reject him on the spot, so he quickly added on, “But! But! These textual clues would definitely lead to discovering more information about this civilization!”

“Professor Aronnax, no hurry, take your time.” Ethan laughed and passed the water that Diane got for the professor and put in front of Enoch. “Have a sip and moisten your throat. What is this textual clue you’re referring to? Is it a word?”

Enoch took one sip and then immediately put the glass aside.

He hurriedly pulled a piece of paper out from his old and tattered bag and unfolded it as he passed it to Ethan. “It’s this.”

Ethan took it from the professor and looked at it seriously. His eyes immediately narrowed.

The paper only had a simple symbol on it, and it didn’t really look anything like a word. But Enoch was very serious as he said, “This is a word! I’m very sure!”

Ethan didn’t say anything. He studied the symbol very seriously. Or rather, he studied this word very seriously.

This symbol was no stranger to Ethan at all. In fact, he was very familiar with it.

But it never crossed his mind that it could be a word, or even an ancient civilization.

“What’s this?” Diane huddled over and looked puzzledly at it. “It looks like a cloud. Are you sure it’s a word?”


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