Billionaire God of War Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238

Enoch kept thanking Ethan and Diane for a long time before leaving.

Diane found it somewhat incomprehensible.

What ancient civilization?

It was clearly more like a fairytale from the sound of it.

Even the words on the paper which Enoch produced looked more like a child’s scrawling.

But Diane still supported Ethan’s every decision. Since the professor truly needed help, Diane was even considering financing him using her own savings.

“Hubby, you’re getting quite passionate about doing charity. Even if I didn’t help him, you did it in the end.”

Ethan reached his hand out and pinched Diane’s face. Then he said, “That tiny bit of savings you have isn’t even enough to feed me. How can you help him?”

“Heehee,” giggled Diane. She let Ethan pinch her face since he couldn’t bring himself to pinch her hard anyway. “You’re the best!”

“Alright now, since everything is done, let’s go home. We should go home as soon as we can so that you can stamp seals on my body!”

Then he took Diane by the hand and left.

Ethan wasn’t purely helping Enoch out. He did it because of that symbol. According to Enoch, it belonged to a new language, but Ethan had seen it plenty of times.

The cloud symbol was identical to the red clouds tattooed on the members of Hidden Sect.

If it wasn’t merely a symbol and truly belonged to some language, what did it represent?

Dalton told Ethan prior to his death that a martial arts family was behind him. They were a well-concealed family from the martial arts circles with immense power…

Even Hidden Sect was created by His Lordship as a tool for hunting down the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

The cloud symbol probably belonged to Hidden Sect and the reclusive and powerful martial arts family that supported His Lordship.

It would be brilliant if he could find more clues using other channels.

In Ethan’s perspective, since he could help Enoch and secretly achieve his goals to find more clues by just spending some money, then why not?


At an extremely well-hidden location.

The surroundings were tranquil and secluded, and birds and insects could be heard from time to time.

Daniel Cross stood in the courtyard.

He stared at the red cloud carved onto the wall in the center of the living room with his deep eyes.

“He didn’t turn up again,” said a voice from behind after some time.

Daniel didn’t turn back but kept looking at the red cloud.

“Mr Peak, didn’t you see it coming?”

“Humph, he’s becoming more and more preposterous! Does he think we will keep giving him chances and condone his actions?”

Daniel turned when he heard this. Then he looked at the fierce man in front of him and laughed gently.

“We haven’t reached the deadline yet. He’s the only person who can go outside now. If Mr Peak is unhappy with him, then you can certainly summon him. But who will hunt for the manual then?”

“It’s been 20 years! 20 years! But has he found anything?” asked Peak menacingly, “To this day, he has found nothing! He’s absolutely useless! Doesn’t he know that the family is very displeased with him?”

Daniel knew in his heart that His Lordship was aware of the problem, but he simply didn’t care.

“I’m sure Mr Peak is aware that fate plays a part if we are to locate the manual. How can we find it without ample luck? The manual isn’t going to just fall into our laps. What is 20 years? Didn’t the last few generations take even more time but failed to find it too?”

“Are you speaking up for him?” asked Peak as he narrowed his eyes and stared hard at Daniel. Then his voice suddenly turned cold as he continued, “Daniel, let’s not forget that I was the one who inserted you to remain beside him!”


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