Billionaire God of War Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237

“It’s not a cloud, it’s really a word!”

Enoch was on the verge of tears. This wasn’t a cloud at all. It was just a word that resembled a cloud. He was most afraid that others wouldn’t understand anything and just insisted that it was merely a cloud.

Ethan smiled as he folded the paper again and returned it to Enoch.

“Professor Aronnax, this project of yours does sound a little out of this world. You don’t have enough evidence to prove that this matter is of great value and meaning.”

When he heard this, Enoch knew that Ethan had rejected him after all.

He opened his mouth to argue, but in the end he just smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“I know that this doesn’t meet the requirements that Palmer Group has in order to offer help, I…”

He sighed and looked disappointed. He didn’t get angry and didn’t say anymore. He turned to pick up his document bag and got up. “I’m so sorry for taking up so much of your time. I’ll try to think of something else myself.”

Enoch was ready to leave.

He was so disappointed.

“Wait up,” Ethan called after him. “This project doesn’t fulfil Palmer Group’s requirements, but on a personal note, I’m very interested in it.”

“Professor Aronnax, I’d like to sponsor you on a personal basis. What do you think?”

Enoch was first stunned by these words, then he looked a little doubtfully at Ethan.

He was very certain that this project would not yield anything profitable in the short run.

And there was a possibility that Ethan could grow old and this project might still not be worth anything monetarily. Why would Ethan want to privately sponsor him?

“I’ll be honest with you,” said Ethan. “Both of us really respect an old professor like you who really wants to contribute to society for the sake of contributing. But our company has its own rules, so I believe you understand that part.”

“So since we can’t help you via the company, I am willing to sponsor you privately to help you finish this project,” said Ethan sincerely.

“Are you…are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious. Do you know that my wife can’t eat properly over your case?” laughed Ethan. “I feel so bad for her.”

“I’m so sorry! I’ve caused CEO Palmer such trouble!” Enoch quickly apologized to Diane,.

“So, Professor Aronnax, are you agreeable? We’ll go according to Palmer Group’s procedures, but the money will come from my personal account. Of course, if you need anything else, you can let me know later on.”

“Honestly, I’m not very cultured myself, but I really admire academics like you. So I’m really happy to be able to be of help to you.”

“You…you are really a good person! Both of you really make me feel touched!”

Enoch was so excited and didn’t know what to say.

Enoch also admired those who respected knowledge and respected the study of civilizations.

“I just have a tiny request,” Ethan said teasingly. “Could you share your research results with me? I’m really curious to know if there are really aliens in this world.”

“Of course! Of course!” replied Enoch quickly. “Even if you didn’t ask, I would share them with you. As long as you’re interested, I’ll tell you anything!”

This was the first time someone was interested in the things he was researching. Enoch was going crazy with excitement.

It was as if he had found a best friend!

“Alright then, Professor Aronnax. Someone will contact you tomorrow to settle this matter. You just have to focus on the research, and I’ll settle the funding part.”

“Sure! Sure!” Enoch nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t waste a single cent! I’ll swear it on my reputation!”


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