Billionaire God of War Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240

Ethan never disturbed her when she was busy.

He was sitting in his office when Tom Foster came walking in.

“Everything is ready. Professor Aronnax is very professional,” said Tom Foster as he chuckled out loud, “He was aptly named since his name means dedication too. He can now continue with his project.”

“That’s great. You must follow up with his project and let me know the moment he makes any progress.”

“Yes, Big Boss. Enoch is an admirable man. Given his status, if he were willing to say a few good words, he wouldn’t have ended up having no money to run the project,” said Tom Foster as he sighed.

Ethan always had good judgment. The moment Ethan laid eyes on Enoch, he noticed that Enoch was dressed simply and continued wearing his leather shoes even though its soles were completely worn out.

Enoch had a stubborn temperament. He always stood out in his college and never resorted to flattery.

He was incapable of ingratiating himself to anyone. How could someone like him have any future in society?

“People like him deserve our respect. That is one of the reasons why I agreed to sponsor him,” said Ethan. “Just give him everything he needs. It would be a pity for true academics like him to give up because he lacked funding.

“I know,” said Tom Foster.

After a brief pause, Tom Foster seemed to recall something.

“Oh yes, Professor Aronnax said that the symbol has a long history and is very valuable…”

“What long history?” said Ethan as he shook his head, “What history could the red cloud symbol have? I’m guessing it emerged between the time when Chinese martial arts first emerged to its golden age and has probably been around for only 100 years.”

He raised his head and looked at Tom Foster as he said, “Is 100 years considered a long history?”

“Professor Aronnax seems to imply that it’s probably more than 100 years old,” said Tom Foster as his face turned solemn instantly.

If this symbol or word really had a long history behind it, how far back did it exist then?

Ethan stopped talking the moment he heard Tom Foster.

Ethan didn’t doubt himself, but he investigated Enoch before, and this man had high academic achievement. If he weren’t so stubborn and knew how to get along with people, he would have become a big hit in his field.

But regardless of his shortcomings, Enoch was undoubtedly talented.

Since he claimed the cloud symbol had a long history, then chances were high that he was right.

“Things seemed to have become more complicated,” said Ethan as he frowned.

Ethan initially thought things were straightforward. He wanted to find the man behind the tattoo and completely destroy his forces.

Ethan thought he could take His Lordship out very quickly when he surfaced. Then he could finish this last mission and enjoy a blissful life with Diane.

But now, things had gotten increasingly complicated.

It was highly possible that His Lordship wouldn’t be his end goal!

Even Hidden Sect would no longer be his final goal.

“Tom, get Zed to work with Professor Aronnax and help him find out more about his work as soon as possible,” said Ethan immediately. “Also, talk to Ivan about the local martial arts circle and get him to pay close attention to it. I have a feeling something is about to happen.”

“Yes, Big Boss!” replied Tom Foster. He knew things were getting complicated.

Although nothing happened yet, he couldn’t guarantee that this peace could go on, so he had to plan for a rainy day.

“Interesting. Things are getting very interesting,” sneered Ethan, “His Lordship certainly won’t die from suffering my attack, but he will be critically injured, so he probably won’t surface in a while. We have to find the manual before he does!”


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