Billionaire God of War Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241

Ethan had to deal with His Lordship sooner or later and even those men who supported His Lordship.

After he had taken care of everything, he could lead a simple life with Diane.

Diane was naturally the most important thing in his life now.

No matter when, she was undoubtedly the most important person to Ethan.

“Enough. Pay close attention to Professor Aronnax’s progress. Ivan will keep an eye on the martial arts circle. If anything happens, the old geezer will tell me about it. As for me,” said Ethan as he laughed, “I just need to keep Diane company.”

Tom Foster couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“Elder Tanner has been cursing you for cheating him into coming to work in Greencliff without giving him any perks.”

Ethan was the one who convinced the two masters, Ivan and Shawn to come over to Greencliff.

But since Ethan could get these two masters to come here, Ethan was the most impressive one.

“Then give them some benefits,” said Ethan after giving it some thought. He touched his chin and continued, “We should give them a suitable degree of benefits too. Otherwise, it doesn’t sound right.’

Tom Foster was stunned.

What should they give him?


The two old geezers clearly didn’t care about money and were even completely disinterested.


They didn’t care about status either. Or else, people in the north would certainly be clamoring to take them in given their abilities.

“Set up a Twelve Routines Springing Leg Martial Arts Academy in Greencliff to promote the skill and hire Ivan as the head of the academy. I’m sure he will be pleased.”

“Then what about his benefits…”

“Just take care of his food and lodging. What other benefits does he expect? We are helping the Tanner family spread their martial arts!” replied Ethan as he glared at Tom Foster. “It’s Diane’s hard-earned money. How can I just give it to him?”

Tom Foster couldn’t help laughing.

Although Ethan could be surprisingly generous at times, it was terrifying when he acted miserly. Ethan was always so impolite to these two elders.

After Ethan sought their help, they always ended up thanking him instead. Ethan was probably the only person on earth capable of this.

“Also, send our brothers in Greencliff over to learn from him after you set up the Tanner family’s martial arts academy.”

The more Tom Foster listened to Ethan, the more he felt Ethan wasn’t showing his appreciation to Ivan at all. Instead, he was exploiting the old geezer further.

Although Ivan had to teach his brothers, he had to thank Ethan for promoting the Twelve Routines Springing Leg technique…

“Big Boss, if you focused on business, no one would be your match.”

Tom Foster couldn’t help saying.

Given his business savvy, his opponents had to thank him even after he took advantage of them.

And Ivan and Shawn had to happily slave away for Ethan and show gratitude even after Ethan sold them off.

“We have to earn the respect of others,” said Ethan as he shook his head and acted serious. “We must keep a clear conscience when we work and set a good example.”

Tom Foster stifled his laughter.

He had a deep impression of these words. These words were engraved in the minds of Brother Geoff and the others, so they often said it when they were out on the battlefield breaking their opponents’ necks.

“Then what about Elder Shawn?”

Shawn didn’t care about anything else and already had his own martial arts academy. So what else could Ethan do to please him?

“Don’t worry about him,” said Ethan right away. “He’s leeched off so much fine tea and wine from my Dad. I couldn’t chase him away if I tried.”

Tom Foster nodded and said, “I understand.”

Since he enjoyed drinking fine wine and tea, it was easy to get him something suitable.

After Tom Foster left, Ethan sat there and contemplated.

Greencliff had certainly become a lot safer lately with the two old geezers around. The weakest part of Greencliff’s defense became iron-clad with them around.

Of course, Ethan was keenly aware that they weren’t the sort who came to him for the sake of some perks.

And they were just joking when they griped about not receiving any benefits from Ethan.


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