Billionaire God of War Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243

Even men couldn’t help feeling moved when they heard such words.

Tyler sighed. Then he smiled and said, “If Mr. Hunt didn’t have Diane, I’m afraid you might just marry him.”’

No woman could resist him.

And even Victoria felt touched in her heart.

But she was keenly aware that Ethan was only kind to her because of her relationship with Diane.

If they were mere friends, Ethan would treat her well, but not to this degree.

“It’s all because of Diane,” said Victoria as she smiled. “So I have Diane to thank for this.”

“The two of you can stop thanking each other now,” said Tyler as he smiled. “The most important thing is to focus on our work.”

Ethan might not have invested in the entertainment company for profit, but they certainly couldn’t think the same way.

They had to share the burden as employees of the company and help their bosses turn a profit, especially since Ethan was such a good boss.

After all, Interstellar Entertainment belonged to Palmer Group, and Palmer Group made money so that it could commit to more charitable work. So they had to do the same.

If this movie could open the market for Victoria, then her status would rise with the tides.

Although the local movie market wasn’t doing well now, Tyler was sure that if they could break into it, the local movie market still held vast potential.

After Palmer Group had bought over all of Long Group’s assets, the group soared in strength.

But they didn’t control a lot of business in the entertainment industry.

So Interstellar Entertainment Company had to work hard to shoulder many responsibilities all on their own.

“Okay, just relax. Mr. Hunt just called to say both of them were coming,” said Tyler. “Oh, and Uncle Clark will be coming too.”

“My Dad is coming too?” asked Victoria in slight surprise.

She knew Shawn didn’t like lively occasions and even hated going to crowded places.

So she didn’t expect him to turn up.


At Starling City International Airport.

Tristan came personally to pick them up.

He rushed forward to welcome them the moment they came out of the airport.

“Mr. Hunt, Miss Palmer, Uncle Clark,” greeted Tristan.

“You could have sent someone else instead,” said Ethan.

The Wren siblings had more important things to do now.

Since they had to keep order in Starling City’s illegal circles, they could have sent someone else for this tiny matter of receiving them at the airport.

“That won’t do. I’ll get worried if I send someone else instead.”

Tristan smiled. Then he drove them all to Interstellar Entertainment Company.

Shawn had a somewhat complicated expression on his face on the way there.

“Will there be a lot of people there? Is it going to be noisy? My scalp feels numb even before I have gotten there. Forget it. I better go straight home.”

Shawn kept mumbling nonstop, but Ethan didn’t hear a word of it.

Ethan held Diane’s hand as they both looked out the car window.

Starling City was a large and prosperous city, so it looked very modern and was far more advanced than Greencliff.

“Hubby, don’t you think it would be interesting if we built Greencliff in Starling City’s image?” asked Diane as she raised her head.

“Absolutely. We are doing it right now, but we just need more time.”

If anyone overheard them, they would probably have thought Ethan was just bragging.

City building demanded a lot of time, funds, and an enormous amount of manpower. And the most important thing wasn’t even money, but the right people.

The toughest thing in city development was the growth of its culture and ethics.

But achieving such things was easy as pie to Ethan.

Because he was the King of Greencliff!

He was their faith!

Everyone did as he said!

And money?

Don’t talk to people like Ethan about money. He wouldn’t even be interested.


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