Billionaire God of War Chapter 1244

Chapter 1244

After sending Ethan and the others to Interstellar Entertainment Company, Tristan didn’t leave and waited downstairs.

Victoria poured Shawn and the others some tea in the office. She noticed that Shawn was silent, but she didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t be nervous,” said Shawn instead after a while. “It’s no big deal. You’ll be fine.”


This father and daughter certainly communicated with simple words.

Diane and Victoria went to the side to talk in private.

After Ethan poured Shawn more water, he muttered, “Uncle Clark, I have to go downstairs. Stay with them, and don’t let them out of your sight.”

Shawn frowned. Then he raised his head and glanced at Ethan.

Shawn didn’t say a word and only made eye contact with Ethan. He immediately realized what Ethan was driving at. Then he nodded gently.

It was no wonder that Ethan insisted he come for the movie premiere. How could he stand such an environment?

But Shawn knew what Ethan meant the moment he heard him.

Then Ethan got up and left.

Tristan continued to wait downstairs. The moment he caught sight of Ethan coming down, he went over with a serious look on his face.

“Mr. Hunt.”

“What happened?”

“Someone’s dead,” replied Tristan, “Lots…lots of them!”

Ethan frowned and said, “Go on.”

“Someone must be following you and had their eyes on you the moment you entered Starling City. A few of my scouts were killed when they discovered them. I checked and couldn’t find the culprit,” said Tristan worriedly, “Five to six of our scouts died, so they are definitely up to no good. You have to be careful, Mr. Hunt.”

“Are they here for me, or do they want to cause chaos to the order we created in the illegal circles?”

Did someone want to wreak havoc after they painstakingly built order in the illegal circles?

Ethan didn’t think there was anyone else in the country who dared to do such a thing. Even the powerful northern families wouldn’t be stupid enough to provoke him.

But if it wasn’t them, then who were they? Who would touch the illegal circles of Starling City?

“We aren’t clear who they are. My older sister didn’t want to tell you about it and wanted to investigate on her own, but I had a nagging feeling it wasn’t as simple as it appears,” said Tristan after he inhaled, “Mr. Hunt, it’s not that I’m a coward, but I think… The person who did it was a master and probably an advanced grandmaster level expert. We aren’t able to handle it!”

Ethan nodded.

Tristan was a capable fighter. Also, Sabine was intelligent. If she wanted to investigate this, she could find clues in the time it took Ethan to drink a cup of tea. How could she be clueless about it?

“Tell your sister not to push herself too hard,” said Ethan as he glanced at Tristan, “They must be here to get me. If you can’t handle them, let me do it.”

“Yes, Mr. Hunt,” replied Tristan before leaving right away.

Ethan narrowed his eyes and looked out into the streets. The traffic was heavy, and it seemed as though someone was watching him from the crowd.

He chuckled. Then he suddenly stuck his middle finger out and pointed it into the distance.

“They are just trash and only capable of hiding,” said Ethan. Then he turned and went upstairs.

A pair of eyes looked murderously at Ethan from the crowds out in the streets!

The man became so furious that his knuckles cracked as he clenched his fists tightly when he saw Ethan pointing his middle finger in his direction.

“Ethan…” said His Lordship as he watched Ethan leave. He was so furious that his face twitched.

“You can’t kill him anymore,” said Daniel gently as he stood next to His Lordship.


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