Billionaire God of War Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247

Just this kick alone was so powerful!

Ivan was an advanced grandmaster level fighter. Despite his old age, he still had a keen eye.

The impact of his kick felt reserved and only blew the drum into pieces when it reached mid-air. This person had to be at least an advanced grandmaster in order to have such control.

But this brat was so young.

What was this world coming to? When the martial arts circle fell into a decline, it was tough even to find a grandmaster.

Even a family as large as the Tanner family only had seven or eight of them, and they were at least 40 years old.

But what about now?

Ethan had mind-blowing skills, and this youth here was far more superior than any of the youngsters in the Tanner family.

“Who are you?” roared Ivan as he turned his head.

No matter who he was, it was an outright provocation of the Tanner family by kicking the large drum to pieces like this.

“Evan Drake!” replied the young man brightly. “I’m from the Drake family!”

The Drake family?

He had never heard of them.

Tom Foster frowned slightly. He was certain that he had purged the country’s illegal circles.

So no one was stupid enough to make trouble in Greencliff.

Perhaps this youth wasn’t from the martial arts circles.

Tom Foster glanced at Ivan. He wanted to take out the youth, but Ivan shook his head.

The boy was clearly from the martial arts circles. Since he was from the martial arts community, Ivan couldn’t get Tom Foster involved.

“The Drake family? What Drake family?” asked Ivan as he walked over angrily, “Which Drake family raised such a rude child? Don’t you know anything about the rules of the martial arts community?”

“Of course, I do,” said Evan Drake as he laughed coldly with a look of contempt. He continued calmly, “It’s survival of the fittest! Those are the only rules!”

He pointed at Ivan rudely.

“I heard that someone was deceiving the public in the name of Chinese martial arts by opening an academy to make money. I didn’t believe it at first, but now that I have seen you with my own eyes, I realize that I have truly underestimated you!”

“YOU…!” said Ivan furiously.

Ivan had only ever been scolded by Ethan before. Never had he suffered insult at the hand of someone else.

Moreover, Ethan reprimanded him in private, and he did it to wake him up, but this guy was clearly out to humiliate him!

When did the Twelve Routines Springing Leg technique become a hoax?

The grandmasters from the Tanner family instantly stood in front of Ivan and looked at Evan coldly.

How could this brat who came out of nowhere be so arrogant?

“Master Tanner, don’t lower yourself by fighting him. We will take care of it!”

He was here to defeat the academy!

This was pure provocation!

He didn’t respect the Tanner family at all!

“You lot?” asked Evan Drake as he shook his head. Then he wagged his finger and continued, “No!”

Then he pointed at Ivan and said, “Even you won’t do!”

Although Ivan remained expressionless, his eyes were burning with fury. How could he restrain himself from fighting?

If he didn’t react at all in the face of such provocation, then it would be an embarrassment for the Tanner family.

But he was the last one who should attack.

He was the clan leader of the Tanner family and the most powerful practitioner of the Twelve Routines Springing Leg technique. It wasn’t merely a question of ability but the reputation of both the Tanner family and their technique!

How could someone as old as Ivan pit himself against a youth like Evan?

If he won, everyone would say he was a bully. But if he lost…

“I won’t allow anyone to set up a martial arts academy and deceive others in the name of Chinese martial arts. This Twelve Routines Springing Leg technique alone is a lousy skill, so I suggest you stop embarrassing yourself.”

As someone from the Drake family, he found the Tanner family absolutely unsavory.


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