Billionaire God of War Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248

“From now on, you aren’t allowed to open your academy. Otherwise, I will shut down every single one of them!” said Evan Drake as he stared at Ivan with a look of provocation. He was certain Ivan wouldn’t dare touch him since he couldn’t afford to lose. But even if he won…Hehe, how could he defeat him?

Even if Chinese martial arts was past its heyday, it couldn’t be used by animals like them to amass wealth.

Then Evan turned and left. No one dared to stop him at all.

Ivan trembled in fury as he stood there, but he remained motionless.

“Master Tanner!” said Irving who couldn’t suppress himself as he clenched his fists tightly, “I will go…”

“No, you won’t!”

Ivan knew that this guy called Evan was deliberately provoking them. If Irving attacked Evan, he would end up disastrously defeated.

No matter what it took, Ivan couldn’t allow someone to step all over the Tanner family’s dignity today.

“Master Tanner!”

The Tanner family members gnashed their teeth angrily. They had never met with such humiliation before.

Even if they had to die, they didn’t want to be treated with such disdain.

How could the mighty Twelve Routines Springing Leg be treated as a hoax or a cheap trick?

It was too humiliating!

Evan’s silhouette had already disappeared into the distance, but Ivan kept standing there.

Irving and the others gritted their teeth in silence.

“We will not open the academy,“ said Ivan, “Since we can’t fight him, it will only be more embarrassing to open it.”

Then he turned to leave.

Irving and the others trembled even harder. They felt far more resentful and frustrated than they did when they got beaten to the ground.

Tom Foster looked equally upset.

It was completely unanticipated. This was Greencliff, and no one was allowed to make trouble here.

Although Ivan said it was a martial arts circle matter, it didn’t matter which circle you were from when you were in Greencliff!

“Where did this dude come from?” asked Brother Geoff deeply as he stepped forward. “I’ll get Butler Zed to find out more.”

Tom Foster nodded. He had never heard of the Drake family either.

The young man was so powerful that even Ivan was threatened by him. How could there be completely no information about such a family in the martial arts world? How could they have gone under the radar?

Ethan sensed something amiss when he arrived back at the bungalow.

“Something happened.”

Tom Foster had already been standing there waiting for Ethan. He pointed into the distance at Ivan, who was glumly sitting at the pavilion. Then he explained what happened.

“The Drake family?” asked Ethan as he frowned a little and shook his head, “I have never heard of them locally or abroad. What Drake family?”

“But judging from Elder Tanner’s reaction, Evan is quite highly skilled. Even Elder Tanner lacked the confidence to defeat him.”

Tom Foster was keenly aware that whether or not Ivan attacked Evan, the Tanner family was bound to get disgraced. When the large drum was kicked into smithereens, a part of their family pride was eroded!

“Was he that powerful?” sneered Ethan.

Ethan was caught by surprise. Then he stared at Tom Foster and said, “Does Zed have any information about the Drake family?”

“No, he didn’t. He had no information at all. It seemed as though they appeared out of thin air, or perhaps gave us a fake name.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes.

He made some informed guesses in his heart.

It appeared that what must come must come. Some people simply didn’t have the willpower to wait patiently.

“I don’t care who he is, or whether his name is real or fake. It’s not up to him to decide what happens in Greencliff,” sneered Ethan. “Moreover, it was my decision to open an academy for the Tanner family. How dare anyone stir trouble!”

“Then Elder Tanner…”

“I will talk to him,” replied Ethan as he stood up, “Make arrangements to open a new martial arts academy in my name. Make sure it’s announced even more loudly than this one! I’m going to see who dares to make trouble in MY academy!”


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