Billionaire God of War Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249

“Yes, Big Boss!” replied Tom Foster immediately.

Tom Foster knew Ethan’s word was as good as law in Greencliff, and he would never allow anyone to interfere with Greencliff’s matters.

Moreover, Evan came harboring ill-intentions and didn’t respect the Tanner family at all. He deliberately embarrassed them in public, trampled Ivan’s pride, and was utterly rude to the elder.

There was no sense for Ethan to remain courteous to the likes of him.

Tom Foster immediately left and went about making plans.

Ethan walked out to the pavilion.

“Are you drowning your sorrow in wine all by yourself?” asked Ethan. Then he peered and laughed, “Oh, it’s tea. There’s no point drowning your sorrow in tea, right?”

Ethan sat down and poured himself a cup of tea too. Then he glanced at Ivan and said, “You’re too old not to understand this.”

“It’s not that,” replied Ivan as he frowned slightly, “I’m not upset because I was embarrassed.”

Ivan raised his head and looked at Ethan as he said, “After you cursed me to my face, I stopped caring about dignity as much.”

So Ivan even had Ethan to thank for his stronger mental fortitude.

“I just want the Tanner family’s youngsters to remember this sense of humiliation,” sighed Ivan. “Or else who is going to carry the name of the Tanner family when I die?”

Ethan nodded.

He could appreciate Ivan’s good intentions.

Ivan was getting on his age, but he was so physically sound in health that Ethan was certain he had 20 to 30 years more to live.

But whether someone in the Tanner family could hold up their family name or not was another problem.

“That guy is strong and must be close to Advanced Grandmaster level. But I should be able to teach him a lesson.”

Ivan spoke the truth.

He glanced at Ethan and continued, “But this Drake family…”

Ivan was worried about the Drake family since he never heard of them.

He had heard about almost every martial arts family in the martial arts community, but not the Drake family.

Ivan couldn’t help feeling suspicious about their sudden appearance.

“Have you ever heard of reclusive martial arts clans?” asked Ethan calmly after sipping his tea.

After Ethan said this, Ivan’s eyes constricted as he asked, “Are they really still around?”

So Ivan had heard of them before.

Ethan didn’t speak further. He merely smiled and made no comment.

With one look, he could tell whether Ivan had heard about them before.

Judging from Ethan’s expression, Ivan realized something. Then Ivan sighed, “You are such a troublemaker, you brat. If a reclusive clan truly exists, then they…”

“There are rules in all circles. Since even you are uncertain about their existence, then they can’t get involved with our matters as they please,” said Ethan. “If they want to interfere, they have to ask me first!”

Ivan remained silent for a long time without uttering a word.

He poured himself another cup of tea before filling Ethan’s teacup.

Although the tea was slightly cold, the passion in his heart burned brightly.

How could he call himself a man of martial arts if he had no courage?

“People grow with experience. The Tanner family must understand this by now.” Ethan got up and continued, “So don’t worry. I will help you teach them.”

Then Ethan left.

Ivan watched him as he left. He chuckled while he shook his head. Then he burst out laughing again.

Ivan hadn’t lived in vain since he had the chance to encounter someone as interesting as this young man.


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