Billionaire God of War Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250


Another martial arts academy was set up in Greencliff in Ethan’s name!

The Extreme Martial Arts Academy!

It didn’t specialize in teaching a sole technique like the Twelve Routines Springing Leg. Instead, they imparted all skills ranging from martial arts to the use of weapons.

Ethan got Ivan to help reach out to the martial arts community and invited some martial arts teachers to make a comeback to teach young students. Even Ethan would personally give pointers at the academy.

It created quite a commotion in Greencliff and the neighboring cities very quickly. Everyone went insane when they heard the news!

After the news quickly spread outside the city, heaps of people excitedly came over to register.

And it gained momentum swiftly!

Tom Foster did his utmost to promote the academy under the slogan, ‘Revitalize Chinese Martial Arts’!

The four simple words were paired with a picture that evoked passion and made people surge with zeal.

Many nationally renowned martial artists taught at the Extreme Martial Arts Academy, and a huge variety of skills could be learned…

This made passionate youngsters so excited that they lost sleep. All of them came rushing over to Greencliff to learn skills from these martial artists.

Ethan and the others knew what they were doing and naturally didn’t impart any moves that could kill. The foundation of martial arts was enough to help improve their students’ health and increase their confidence.

“We must increase marketing,” explained Ethan after he got an update about the situation from Tom Foster. “Since we have the chance to do it, then we must go big and make Chinese martial arts soar to great heights.”

Since they were living in peaceful times, there was no need to learn how to kill using Chinese martial arts. Just the basics of martial arts served them well and helped to boost their nation’s confidence and health.

Ethan was always a driven and ambitious man. Whenever he embarked on a project, he would ensure it was hugely impactful!

Tom Foster did his utmost best working on this. He even got Interstellar Entertainment Company’s scriptwriter to produce a script for a promotional movie related to martial arts and were working hard preparing for the filming.

In just two days, the news about the Extreme Martial Arts Academy setting up shop in Greencliff swept through the nation like a storm!


In Fairbanks, Evan sat on the main seat in the midst of a fallen family while the people standing beneath him only dared to stand as they hung their heads respectfully without daring to make a peep.

“Martial arts experts from the Levy family once served the Drake family. How did you end up in such dire straits?” sneered Evan as fury flashed across his eyes. “You’re a disgrace to the Drake family!”

“Master Drake, it…it isn’t our fault,” said the head of the Levy family as he smiled bitterly. “Since the last generation, the Drake family suddenly disappeared and the man we served left without a word. How could the Levy family remain competitive? It’s already hard for us to just eke out a living all these years.”

The head of the Levy family sighed, “Initially, we could still make ends meet by running some businesses in the illegal circles, but ever since Ethan arrived in Greencliff…”

He shook his head and continued, “He’s too overbearing. He disallows us from doing everything, so we lost all our businesses.”

“Ethan?” sneered Evan. “You mean the one who owns the Extreme Martial Arts Academy?”

A cold murderous aura bloomed from his eyes instantly!

Daniel said the first page of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, which belonged to the Drake family previously, was stolen by Ethan through underhanded means. Now he was going around wreaking havoc using the moves in the manual!

The Drake family’s rules forbade them to show themselves recklessly without prior permission, but he couldn’t stand it and had to escape from the mountains and come out here.

How could he leave the Drake family’s property in his hands?

Also, he couldn’t leave it in this nobody’s hand!


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