Billionaire God of War Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252

The entrance was still festively decorated and bustling with activity!

Several huge drums were placed at the entrance again, but Evan didn’t kick them to pieces this time.

He looked very angry.

“Which one of you is Ethan?” shouted Evan coldly.

“I am,” replied Ethan as he walked right out.

Ethan pointed at the large drums at the academy’s door and continued, “Are you Evan? Since you are here to challenge our academy as well, please go ahead and pick a drum.”

Evan’s expression darkened as he said, “Are you messing with me?”

Those drums were made of pure steel, and even the drum surface was made of composite material. Even though Evan was strong enough to kick through the drums, he would certainly hurt his leg badly in the process.

“Since you adore kicking drums, I made a bunch to welcome you with,” said Ethan calmly. “Why? Aren’t you happy?”

“Quit yapping!” shouted Evan as he pointed at the signboard of the Extreme Martial Arts Academy. “Shut down this academy! You aren’t allowed to open shop here!”

“Men!” shouted Ethan.

Evan immediately became wary.

He thought Ethan was going to attack him.

But he didn’t expect Tom Foster to only bring him tea.

“Bring this guest some tea and entertain him well. If there’s anything else you need, we can do our best to satisfy you,” said Ethan calmly. “If you don’t feel well, then go to the hospital, and l will take care of the bill.”


Evan realized that Ethan was just deliberately messing with him!

“You’re asking to die!”

Evan stepped on his toes without hesitation and darted out. Then he said, “Let’s find out whether you have the right to open an academy!”

He sent out one punch!

It appeared as though a ray of white light was charging towards Ethan at great momentum.

He was definitely an advanced grandmaster. It was certainly a remarkable achievement at this young age.

But he couldn’t compare to Ethan!

His violent fist instantly blasted loudly and sounded like the angry roar of a lion as he swept in front of Ethan.

“Wow, he’s so strong!”

The members of the Tanner family instantly looked worried.

They were all grandmaster experts who saw Evan challenge the academy with their own eyes and embarrass the Tanner family. Their hearts trembled in shock after they witnessed Evan’s moves today.

If any of them attacked him the other day, they would only end up being disgraced!

How could a youth like him be so formidable?

But when Evan’s fist was only five centimeters away from Ethan’s face, it came to a complete halt and was unable to advance at all!

Ethan pinched Evan’s wrist with only one hand. Then he looked at Evan from the side as he said, “Wow, not bad. Did you put strength into it?”

Evan’s face flushed red instantly. Shock flashed across his eyes as he stared in disbelief!

How…how could this be possible?

Evan was considered an outstanding martial artist among the Drake family’s youth. Even Ivan might not be able to block his punch easily, but Ethan…

It was impossible!


Evan hastily attempted to pull his fist back, but Ethan’s fingers were like iron pincers and refused to budge.

“Do you want to die?” bellowed Evan furiously. Then he used his other hand to attack Ethan’s head instantly.

At such proximity, Evan could even break Ethan’s bones!

But Ethan didn’t move a muscle. Instead, he reached his hand out and grabbed Evan by his other hand.

“What about now? Did you use any strength?”


Evan went red-faced with shame. He felt as though Ethan was purposely insulting him!

Ethan humiliated Evan publicly!

Just like how Evan insulted the Tanner family two days ago.

“This young man is very courageous. Not a bad attempt, but he is a little lacking in strength,” said Ethan as he smiled. Then he turned and asked Ivan, “Elder Tanner, do you think this child can be taught?”


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