Billionaire God of War Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253

“This young man is worthy of being taught.”

Ivan stroked his beard as he nodded calmly.

Evan was even more infuriated when he heard this.

Did Ivan have the right to say that?

“What gives you the right to teach me? You have no right!”

Then Ethan slapped Evan viciously on the face.

“You were rude to an elder and deserved to be slapped!”


Ethan slapped him once again without any restraint. He grabbed Evan with one hand and repeatedly slapped with the other.

“I might not be able to teach you any martial arts, but I sure can show you a thing or two about virtue!”

The last slap sent Evan flying into the air right away.

Evan rolled a couple of times on the ground before swiftly standing up. His expression was furious.

There were so many people here, but Ethan humiliated him like that!

Evan was even more shocked at how powerful Ethan was after he mastered one page of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual even though he was barely older than him. It was completely impossible.

“Who the hell are you?” asked Evan as he looked at Ethan warily. Evan suddenly felt that Daniel must have deceived him.

Judging from Ethan’s moves, it didn’t seem like he achieved all this power with just a single page of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

“Why are you asking who I am when you were the one who came to challenge the academy?” asked Ethan calmly. “Since you don’t even know me, then I suggest you leave.”

“Leave?” asked Evan as his expression darkened. “Even if I leave, you must hand over the manual first!”

Evan pointed at Ethan and roared, “It doesn’t belong to you, so hand it over!”

Ethan laughed.

Then Ethan removed one page of the manual from his pocket and waved it.

“Are you talking about this?”

The moment Evan spotted the manual, his expression altered.

Sure enough, Ethan had the manual!

“Or this?”

Ethan retrieved another page from his pocket before Evan managed to utter a word.

Evan was instantly dumbstruck.

Did Ethan have two pages of the manual?


It demanded a lot of luck to obtain the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. So how could Ethan possess two pages of the manual?

Didn’t Daniel say that Ethan resorted to underhanded ways to steal the manual’s first page from the Drake family?

“Or are you talking about this page?” asked Ethan as he pulled out the third page of the manual. Evan’s breath quickened the moment he saw it.

It was three pages of the manual!

Even the Drake family never succeeded in possessing three pages of the manual. How could Ethan…

“Is this thing that important?” asked Ethan before rolling the pages up into a ball like trash and stuffing it into his pocket casually. “But even if it’s trash, it is still mine. If you want it, you will probably have to snatch it from me.”

“You…” said Evan as his embarrassment turned into fury.

No one had humiliated him like this before!

He was really going insane.

A sense of righteous indignation surged up into his head. Then Evan charged over to Ethan once again. This time, he used palm technique instead of fighting with his fists.

Ethan possessed three pages of the manual, so even if he wasn’t intelligent enough to master them, he had superb fist technique. So Evan had to use palm technique to counter Ethan’s fist technique!

Evan attacked Ethan and slapped him viciously on the face. But after Evan came close to Ethan, he sensed a raging wind blowing straight into his face!

Ethan raised his palms too. Then he slapped so hard that it raised a raging wind, and Evan couldn’t help closing his eyes.

Evan narrowed his eyes instinctively in an instant. Then he realized what a huge mistake it was for him to close his eyes!

Yet another slap!

The slap sent Evan flying out once again.

“AHHHHH! I’m going to fight you to the death!”

Evan became like a lunatic. Neither fist nor palm technique worked.

Ethan was already a fist technique expert, so it was unexpected that he was equally well-versed in palm technique.

Evan roared as his legs whipped over and kicked Ethan viciously, just like how he kicked the drum the other day. He wanted to kick Ethan’s head into mush.


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