Billionaire God of War Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254

But Ethan’s legwork was swifter than his!

With a single kick, Ethan kicked Evan in the calves viciously. Evan screamed in agony and went flying through the air before he came crashing onto the ground. His calves immediately went numb and he couldn’t move anymore.

“This whip leg is called a Snap Lock!” said Ethan calmly.

Then he turned to look at Ivan and asked, “Elder Tanner, what do you think of my moves?”

“Just so so,” replied Ivan as he nodded and stroked his beard, “But you are much better now.”

Evan almost vomited blood!

He could tell Ethan and Ivan were out to humiliate him.

Ethan defeated him effortlessly with his fist technique!

Then Evan was slapped until he flew through the air when Ethan executed palm techniques.

Now Ethan was using leg technique!

Two days ago, he had just provoked the Tanner family about its leg technique, but Ethan sent him flying through the air with a single kick using the technique!

Evan sat on the ground with his calves numb. He was incapable of standing up and could only stare resentfully at Ethan as he gnashed his teeth.

“You have no martial artists’ virtue, so what’s the point of having all this skill at such a young age?” said Ethan as he glanced at Evan. “I find your upbringing absolutely dubious.”

Evan shouted angrily, “How dare you! Who are you to judge the Drake family?”

“The Drake family?” asked Ethan as he shook his head, “I’m not interested in making any comment. Judging from how you are, you are pretty average and disgraceful.”

“You…” said Evan as he gnashed his teeth. He knew that the more he argued, the more embarrassing it would become.

Ethan had already beaten Evan to the ground and slapped him until his face swelled. It was akin to slapping the Drake family’s dignity when Ethan went on and on about the Drake family.

“You can kill me, but you can’t humiliate me! If you have the ability, then go ahead and finish me off!” roared Evan as he looked at Ethan.

But Ethan immediately turned without looking at him at all.

Ivan shook his head too. Then he sighed, “It’s a pity that such a fine youth went down the wrong path.”

“Stop! Stop right there!” shouted Evan. He was so furious that he was on the brink of tears.

He was a man of great ability and influence. When had he ever suffered such humiliation?

It felt worse than death when Ethan overlooked him!

“Stop right there!”

Evan suddenly pushed the ground and bounced back up. He pushed using one leg and lunged towards Ethan right away. Then with one hand, he reached out and attempted to grab Ethan’s shoulder.

“Stop right there!” roared Evan.

Evan’s kneecaps suddenly went sore. It felt as though there was an energy stabbing them like needles and made him swiftly lose balance.

His body tilted, and he knelt right down in front of Ethan with a thud!

In an instant, the atmosphere went quiet.

Almost 100 people were standing around watching when Evan charged forward anxiously to kneel before Ethan.

“No need to be so enthusiastic about begging for mercy, right?”

“Mr. Hunt doesn’t even want to bully him, so why did he kneel?”

“What would you know? He was impressed by Mr. Hunt and wanted to enroll in the academy to learn martial arts and be his disciple!”

“That’s a great move! The academy is strict about its disciples, so the guy pulled this ruse to attract Mr. Hunt’s attention. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

The voices around Evan almost made him throw up blood.

Who wanted to beg for mercy?

Did anyone ask Ethan to be his master?

Evan wanted to attack Ethan, but why did his knees…suddenly go soft?

Evan suddenly realized that Ethan kicked with such precision that it stimulated his acupuncture point. Ethan was the one who left the force from the impact of the kick in his acupuncture point.

“You sure look sincere,” said Ethan as he hung his head and glanced at Evan. Then Ethan reached his hand out to touch Evan’s head gently like he was patting a stray dog as he continued, “Do you want to learn? Then I will teach you.”


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