Billionaire God of War Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258

Malcolm Merlyn had neatly styled hair and seemed meticulous and very serious.

“It’s an honor to get invited by Miss Amelia. But I think Miss Amelia didn’t invite me here to share this bottle of Château Lafite from 1982 with me.”

Malcolm swirled his red wine glass with his eyes slightly closed. Then he took a whiff of the wine and looked intoxicated.

He wanted to show off his knowledge and intelligence to Amelia.

“That isn’t Lafite,” said Amelia as she smiled calmly. Then she pointed at the wine bottle by the side and continued, “I merely used their bottles for the wine.”

Malcolm Merlyn was stunned, and he instantly blushed.

“Erm…Miss Amelia has quite the humor.”

Amelia didn’t harp on it. Then she laughed and said, “I was just kidding. You know your wine well and seem interesting.”

But in reality, she wasn’t joking with him. She even bought this wine from China for about $100 a bottle, and it originated from Greencliff.

Malcolm put down his wine glass and looked at Amelia as he said, “Miss Amelia, you must have invited me because you needed me. Why don’t you get right to it? I will do my best to help you.”

Gaining Amelia’s favor was as good as controlling 30% of the L’Oreal family!

Even though Malcolm was the most important member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Merlyn family hoped he could gain Amelia’s favor too.

“I do need your help,” said Amelia bluntly, “A friend of mine owns a company in China and wants to expand overseas but lacks social connections. L’Oreal is happy to provide their company with some channels, but you know how tough it is for Chinese businesses to operate overseas. They often get bullied if they go without the protection of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

Malcolm laughed.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce had a deep influence internationally because it was powerful enough!

They could provide Chinese businessmen who ventured overseas their protection!

Of course, they turned a lot of profit doing so.

The businessmen who needed protection typically offered the Chinese Chamber of Commerce 20% of their profit.

It couldn’t be lower than 20%.

Business was knocking on his door, so Malcolm was naturally willing to help. Since Amelia was the one who introduced them, he could take the chance to do her a favor.

“Miss Amelia’s friends are mine too. You didn’t have to reach out personally for such a tiny matter,” said Malcolm casually. “Just have them look me up. All I have to do is say the word.”

Amelia smiled when she heard his response.

She picked up the wine bottle and poured more wine for Malcolm before pouring half a glass for herself.

“Then I will have to thank you in advance,” said Amelia as she raised her wine glass. “To be honest, this friend of mine is gorgeous and talented. More importantly, she’s single.”

Malcolm’s eyes instantly lit up for a brief moment. Then he asked, “Is she as beautiful as Miss Amelia?”

He wasn’t dumb. How could the women back home compare to Amelia?

The businesses behind them weren’t at the same level either. Men needed partners who could help with their careers. All other things were simply minor embellishment in life.

“You will know when you see her,” sighed Amelia. “I hope she can encounter her prince charming while she is abroad. If you know anyone suitable, please help to introduce them to my friend.”


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