Billionaire God of War Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260

Brother Geoff and the others couldn’t help shaking their heads and were itching to charge over and strangle Number Five when they heard his words.

Number Six especially felt as though he had suddenly fallen out of love.

“Enough. Martial artists need women too. When all of you get married, I will make arrangements, but you need to find someone first,” said Ethan as he glanced at them. “There are plenty of girls in Palmer Group who admire you. Just stop putting on airs.”

Then Ethan stopped talking.

Only some of the men were married, while the rest were too stubborn.

He didn’t have the time to be their Aunt Agony.

Ethan stood up. He ignored them and headed into the hotel study. Diane was still discussing some fine details about their expansion plans with some of the people in charge.

The people didn’t even greet him when he walked in as they were too occupied.

“Harold has already gotten in touch with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Things will be easier with their support,” said Diane. “What we have to do now is to make sure that everything we set up overseas is stable. Once all parts are ready to go, we can proceed with marketing our products.”

“Expanding into the foreign market using our cosmetics is just the first step. I’m sure everyone knows how big Palmer Group is now, so let’s take things step by step. I believe we will succeed!”

“Yes, CEO Palmer!” shouted everyone. They were absolutely thrilled.

Diane and the others went on discussing the finer details and strived to have a good start. Ethan didn’t disturb them and only sat by the side quietly as he waited.

Meanwhile, Harold had arrived at the headquarters of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

All these years, it had become a must for Chinese business people who expanded their businesses abroad to come to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and seek their protection.

It was exceptionally challenging to conduct business overseas with peace of mind without the Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s protection.

Not only would foreign forces intimidate, bully, and stir trouble, but even the Chinese Chamber of Commerce would secretly stifle their progress.

After working for the Moore family for so many years, Harold was naturally aware of this since the Moore family used to be a member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Harold waited in the lounge at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce headquarters for an entire hour before someone finally called for his name.

Harold wasn’t angry. Instead, he smiled and seemed particularly warm.

He saw a man with the same Asian features sitting inside after he entered the office.

“How do you do?”

Harold walked over and reached his hand out to shake hands, but the man remained seated and seemed to have no intention of standing. He didn’t even reach his hand over.

The man left Harold, holding his hand out in mid-air awkwardly.

“What powerful family and company do you work for? Does it belong to one of the powerful northern families?”

“Hehe, nope,” replied Harold as the corners of his eyes twitched. “Our company is called Palmer Group and is based in Greencliff in the Riverport province.”

Just as he was about to sit down, the man raised his head and yelled, “Why are you sitting down? Keep standing!”

Harold instantly felt awkward.

“What Palmer Group? Greencliff? It’s just a puny city,” said the man with a look of disdain as he glanced at Harold. “Enough. Now you won’t get to sit down since you don’t even have the backing of a powerful family. I’m sure your market value is peanuts. Do you have a death wish coming all the way here to expand your business?”

Harold inhaled with annoyance in his heart.

Market value?

Palmer Group was one of the most highly valued companies in China.

Harold chuckled as he sat down composedly. Then he stared at the man sitting across him as he said calmly, “Palmer Group has a modest market value of only about hundreds of billions.”

“Ha, just hundreds of… Wait, how much?”

The man was laughing coldly when he suddenly looked up at Harold in shock.


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