Billionaire God of War Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259

Malcolm laughed loudly.

Then he raised his wine glass too and clinked glasses with Amelia.

“She’s Miss Amelia’s friend, so I will definitely help.”

After clinking glasses, they finished their wine in a gulp. The searing sensation made Malcolm’s face turn red.

This certainly wasn’t Château Lafite!

But he kept up a gentlemanly smile without showing the slightest change. He remained refined and graceful the whole time.

After they finished talking business, Malcolm left.

Malcolm quickly forgot about it after leaving Amelia’s bungalow.

Was she just letting him know?

Malcolm wasn’t stupid. Numbers meant everything in business, and respect didn’t mean much.

Moreover, he detected how preoccupied Amelia was. What friend?

There was no such thing as having friends in the same industry.

Someone probably reached out to Amelia through layers and layers of connections. Malcolm noticed that Amelia didn’t pay much attention to it, and all they chatted about after that was L’Oreal’s business.

“Young Master.”

Malcolm’s driver immediately opened the car door for him to get in when he saw him walk out.

“Take me home,” said Malcolm.

“Yes, Sir.”

Malcolm knew keenly in his heart that L’Oreal’s business interests in China had met with some mishap.

Their Chinese distributor, the Moore family, suddenly collapsed. Till now, the Merlyn family had yet to figure out what happened.

So everyone in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was wondering if anything had gone wrong with L’Oreal internally.

The Merlyn family was the same.

L’Oreal was a big family that was involved with various powers and had a complicated network of benefits. The moment something went awry internally, it would find itself closer to collapse.

That would mean a chance for them!

After a whale died, its carcass could fatten up countless sea creatures.

But Malcolm wasn’t interested in the Palmer Group that Amelia was talking about at all.



Ethan and the others had arrived abroad once more.

“What has gotten into Number Five recently? Why is he always like a wandering soul?” Number Six asked Brother Geoff with a hushed voice.

Number Six tried to pick fights with Number Five several times, but Number Five ignored him and turned to leave.

“He’s in love!” sneered Brother Geoff as he gritted his teeth and muttered, “Martial artists don’t need women!”

Number Five saved a girl from the Snakes when he was overseas. Now she refused to go anywhere else and kept latching onto Number Five and gave him quite the headache.

He didn’t look down on her since she was an innocent girl who almost got conned into working as a prostitute.

The girl was so touched when Number Five saved her that she wanted to marry him.

“Geoff, you better remember your words,” said Ethan when he heard this. Then he glanced at him and continued, “The day you fall in love, you’ll be slapping your own face.”

Then Brother Geoff stopped talking.

He was just envious

“Big Boss,” said Number Five as he walked over. Then he slightly blushed as he asked, “Can you find some way to send her home? She can’t find her passport. I…”

“Sure,” said Ethan readily, “Since she wants to marry you and you have no opinion about it, why don’t you give it a shot? Moreover, she is an innocent girl and looks pretty. Why are you so shy?”

“I will get Winston to send her back and prepare a house and a car for the marriage. Do you need any betrothal gifts?”

Number Five stared wide-eyed and swallowed. Then he replied, “She said she doesn’t need anything else and only wants me.”


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