Billionaire God of War Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264

After arriving at the property, Brother Geoff followed the landlord around and inspected the office space before agreeing to rent it.

The landlord hurriedly said that they had to negotiate the price again and threw him a bunch of excuses. Brother Geoff said nothing and only frowned, but immediately agreed after that.

After Brother Geoff left, the landlord was exhilarated.

But before he could enjoy his bliss even for a while, another call came. Someone else was interested in renting the space too. The new potential tenant even offered a price that was even higher than Brother Geoff’s rental charges before the landlord uttered a word.

“Sure sure sure! Come over and check out the place before we negotiate!”

The landlord couldn’t wrap his mind around it. What was going on today? Why did so many people want to view this office space?

Even though he kept offering a higher rental price, they wanted to rent it without hesitation.

The rent kept increasing. By now, the rent had increased three-fold.

The landlord was overwhelmed with excitement. In the end, Number Six secretly told him that he wanted to snatch the property from Palmer Group and prevent them from getting it. He even told the landlord that many people were eyeing it, so he wanted to sign the lease on the spot.

After Number Six had left, the landlord regretted his actions very quickly. He decided to scrap the contract at all costs, even if he had to compensate his tenant!

Number Six scolded the landlord angrily for a long time the moment they got downstairs. The landlord didn’t find it embarrassing at all when he refunded the deposit and forked out compensation. Then he immediately raised the rent even higher!

Number Six took the deposit angrily and left with his face stiffened as he cursed the landlord.

The landlord finally realized what hot property he was sitting on since its rental kept soaring. If he could keep a straight face, he might even stand to make ten times more.

Many people kept calling to ask about the office space, including potential tenants who were sincerely interested in renting it. But everyone was turned off by the astronomical rental.

Someone even cursed the landlord right away, “Are you money crazy? Do you think you are selling us a burial spot?”

But the landlord didn’t give a hoot. These poor losers were incapable of paying the rent, but someone who could afford it would turn up.

After waiting for a few days and rejecting the bona fide renters, no one else who was willing to pay the exorbitant rent turned up.

Brother Geoff, Number Five, Number Six, Number Seven and Number Eight all didn’t get back in touch with the landlord, and this sent him into a panic.

The landlord incurred quite a huge loss for each day that passed with the office space left empty. Not only did he lose out on rent, but he also had to pay taxes, management fees, and of course, all that compensation he paid earlier on.

Five days passed, and no potential tenants came to rent it.

The landlord was in a genuine panic. He called Brother Geoff, who cursed him. Brother Geoff told him he had already rented property elsewhere.

Next, he called Number Six who told him he didn’t want it anymore.

Number Six immediately scolded the landlord so hard that the landlord couldn’t help hanging up.

Three more days passed, and the landlord still failed to rent out the property. By his rough estimate, he had incurred a loss equivalent to the total of last year’s rent revenue.

The landlord hurriedly lowered the rent, but someone released news of him raising the rent at the very last minute, and his potential tenants quickly called to give up on the office space.

The landlord really wanted to cry, but no tears came out of his eyes. After hesitating for some time, he rang Harold again.

The moment he asked if Harold still wanted to rent the space, Harold immediately haggled its rent down by 30%. Then he said calmly, “I’m not that desperate.”

Then just as he was about to hang up, the landlord agreed helplessly.

The landlord could no longer afford to make losses if this went on!

His reputation was tarnished, so other than Harold, no one else was willing to rent it in the short term, and he couldn’t afford the loss.

Harold agreed to rent it, but he didn’t go over to sign the lease immediately. Instead, he got people to send out the news that Palmer Group had already rented the property and let the landlord wait…


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