Billionaire God of War Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265

The landlord almost died from anxiety, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Except for Palmer Group, no one else wanted to rent his property in the short term. The loss of rental income and compensation made his scalp go numb in anxiety.

Even though he had some savings, he couldn’t shoulder the loss on the property. The property used to be like a chicken that laid eggs, but now it had stopped laying eggs and still demanded expensive chicken feed.

Regardless of how many times the landlord called him, Harold wasn’t anxious. Instead, he calmly went about with his other work. Harold even scolded the landlord when he was irritated and told him to stop disturbing him. Then Harold simply refused to rent the property and told him to find some other tenant.

The landlord wanted to cry, but no tears came from his eyes. In his heart, he kept cursing the people from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

If they hadn’t divulged information about his office space, he would be wandering around enjoying his spoils instead of fretting about everything.

At night.

Ethan sat in the hotel.

He brought tea leaves from China, but it tasted off when it was brewed with water from overseas.

“Shall I get some couriered over?” asked Brother Geoff as he laughed.

“I’m not that particular,” said Ethan as he shook his head.

Then he looked at Brother Geoff and asked, “How’s Harold doing?”

“This old fox is quite interesting.”

Although Brother Geoff wasn’t that good with his words, Ethan could tell that he was praising Harold.

Foxes were beautiful and capable in their own way. Harold was an old fox and considered a magical weapon in the business world.

Now that he had the help of Brother Geoff and the others, he could display his prowess without any restraint.

So even though Harold didn’t receive any salary, he was still delighted and pleased!

When had he ever been so delighted?

“It’s excellent office space, and Harold said its location is well-suited for Palmer Group’s developmental needs.”

“What, he checked its fengshui?” asked Ethan. He couldn’t help laughing.

He was aware that the office had a central location, high foot traffic, and conspicuous main entrance.

Due to its excellent geographical location, they could stand to save hundreds of thousands in marketing fees simply by hanging Palmer Group’s name on its entrance!

Harold helped Palmer Group both save money and ensure a strong foundation for its future development, so he was undoubtedly as wily as a fox.

“Harold said it would be ours in a few days.”

Brother Geoff certainly wasn’t talking about renting the place.

They were going to hold that property securely in the grasp of their hands.

He glanced at Ethan with something to say but became hesitant after parting his lips.

“Speak up,” said Ethan. “Don’t be wishy-washy.”

“Big Boss, I think both of you are already very talented. It’s unfair that you are both so clever too.”

Brother Geoff felt that Ethan was abnormal. Regular people simply couldn’t be so incredible.

Ethan laughed and said, “Then what about when someone bullies you?”

“Punch him to death!”

Ethan laughed and shook his head as he said, “Geoff, I told you that violence isn’t the only way to solve problems in this world. We have to be reasonable and …”

“Set an example!” said Brother Geoff and the others immediately before Ethan even finished talking.

They knew that Ethan was going to say this. In fact, they had always been doing so.

They always remembered what he said right before they blew someone else’s brains out.

“I’m glad you know. Then I didn’t teach you for nothing. Geoff, you should learn more from the legend of Fairbanks. She’s pretty smart,” said Ethan as he smiled and waved them away since it was getting late. Brother Geoff and the others were all single, so they knew nothing about the pleasures of the night.


At the office building.

A few shadows had quietly approached the main door and pried open their lock in less than ten seconds.


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