Billionaire God of War Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266

“Go in and smash everything up!”

At the man’s order, several men charged into the office space swiftly. The remaining tables, water pipes, power lines, windows, and everything made of glass were all smashed to smithereens!

A spark suddenly appeared in the darkness. It was so bright that it was jarring to the eyes.

Then smoke curled up.

“How can you conduct business here without going through the Chinese Chamber of Commerce?”

The voice that spoke was filled with mockery as it sneered gently. The man beside him instantly pulled out a can.

After opening the can, the intense smell of petroleum instantly came permeating out!

The man with the petroleum grinned as he poured it all over the ground. The entire office was covered with its strong smell before long.

“After they get threatened a few times, they will learn the error of their ways,” said the leader as they walked out of the place immediately. The leader stood at the entrance and finished a cigarette before flicking its lighted butt right onto the petroleum.

The flames instantly soared!

“Let’s go!”

After lighting the fire, the silhouettes disappeared quickly.

The fire became stronger and stronger. The broken tables and chairs loudly crackled as they burned while walls were covered with soot. It was such a tragic sight…

The fire burned as bright as day!

Very quickly, someone noticed the fire and shouted in shock as they swiftly called the fire brigade to extinguish it.

Huge flames flickered out of the windows and made the building burn brightly in the night.

The landlord almost broke down when he found out about this matter.

The landlord just wanted to make more money and fleece Harold. Although he made huge losses, Harold finally agreed to continue renting the space. But before he even got his hands on the security deposit, the place got burned.

Who the hell did this?!

The landlord’s face turned ashen when he saw the chaos first thing in the morning. He had suffered an even greater loss this time!

“Since it’s turned out this way, I’m afraid we won’t be able to rent it,” said Harold when he turned up to sign the lease. He walked up to the landlord and shook his head as he continued, “You might have pissed the wrong person off. It’s too risky for me to rent from you.”

“No…I haven’t,” said the landlord, who was on the brink of tears.

“Haven’t you? Who have you gotten in contact with recently? What did they make you do? Do you do as they say?” Harold asked one astute question after another. Then the landlord suddenly remembered something.

People from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce approached him and wanted him to fleece Palmer Group. But he didn’t manage to rip them off at all and ended up lowering the rent.

Did…did the Chinese Chamber of Commerce do this?

It must have been them!

This was their style. Although the landlord had heard about their tactics, he didn’t think it was any of their business if he didn’t swindle Palmer Group since the Chinese Chamber of Commerce didn’t offer him anything in return.

He was furious but couldn’t do anything about it. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce wasn’t the kind of power he could offend.

“Mr Harold…” said the landlord as he turned to look at Harold. “They were targeting you. It had nothing to do with me.”

“They aren’t after me now,” said Harold as he pointed at the pitch-black walls, “I am just a businessman. If I can’t take this office, I can go somewhere else. But if you don’t obey their wishes, it’s hard to say what will happen in the future. For now, no one would dare to rent your unit.”

Who would dare to rent a place that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was targeting?

Wouldn’t they have to live in fear that it would get burned down?

The landlord looked so terrified that he was on the brink of tears. He had witnessed the actions of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce before. One of his friends could not rent out his property, which just sat around, costing him taxes and all kinds of expenses. It gave his friend such a headache.

“Will you help me?” said the landlord as he swallowed his saliva hard. “Please help me!”

“How can I help?” asked Harold as he shrugged helplessly, “It’s not like I can buy your office space and take the brunt of their attacks, right?”


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