Billionaire God of War Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268

Ethan nodded.

He didn’t need to get involved with minor matters like this.

“I’m going to a cocktail party with Diane tonight, so get Geoff to go over.”

Then Brother Geoff stepped forward with a grin on his face.

“Harold, I’m starting to like you more and more,” said Brother Geoff as he smiled innocently. Harold couldn’t help trembling as his thigh constricted. He hurriedly said with an awkward smile, “Brother Geoff, don’t do that! I think it’s better if you don’t like me that much!”

The sky gradually turned dark.

Diane was dressed in a long black dress that complemented her graceful figure.

Her swan-like neck left Ethan goggling.

“Wifey, you’re a little overdressed.”

Ethan liked it when Diane dressed up, but he didn’t like other people seeing her like that.

He was such a petty man.

“Miss Amelia will be around tonight too, right?” asked Diane as she turned to look at Ethan and lifted her head. “Do you think I should doll up more?”

Sigh. Women were so competitive.

Ethan didn’t say a word

He wanted to dress more casually, but Diane made him change into a suit.

Diane was awestruck when she saw him in his Armani suit.

He had a well-proportioned figure, masculine features and gave off a fearless and mature aura. Diane didn’t expect Ethan to look so gorgeous in a suit.

“Wifey, you’re drooling.”

Ethan laughed as he deftly buttoned his shirt up. He ignored Diane’s staring as he took her hand and left.

Amelia organized the cocktail party. Ethan didn’t want to go, but Diane insisted on going.

No matter how innocent a woman was, they treated sovereignty over their man seriously.

Amelia wanted to help Palmer Group break into the overseas market, so she not only introduced them to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, but also introduced her long time partners in the cosmetic trade to the Palmer Group.

She was unbelievably enthusiastic even though L’Oreal’s Chinese distributor was recently chased out of the country by Palmer Group.


At Palmer Group’s overseas headquarters.

All traces from the fire were scrubbed from the walls in the afternoon. They had repainted the walls, reinstalled the water and electricity lines, and even put in the furnishing.

All the office desks, chairs, computers and everything else were all ready.

Harold even replaced the lock, which got pried off last night.

The night gradually turned darker. There were flickering lights in the corridor, and the office renovation was clearly incomplete.

A few silhouettes ran in quickly.

“Hush! Follow closely!”

It sounded like the same men who came last night.

The leader looked around cautiously. Then he held the door handle and laughed as he said coldly, “Couldn’t they get a better door when they changed it? Is this cheap stuff capable of keeping us out?”

He found it hilarious. The lock they used last night was clearly more high-end. What lousy lock did they use tonight instead?

Was it purchased second-hand?

He took out some tools and opened the lock very swiftly.

“Get in!”

The men darted in immediately. There were neatly arranged tables, desks, brand new computers, new furnishing, and redone walls inside the office.

Also, there were…many….many people sitting on the couch in the lounge.

There were so many bloody people!


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