Billionaire God of War Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269

All the lights in the office instantly came on with a crisp click.

The intruders covered their eyes immediately. Just as they were wrapping their minds around it, they heard the door slamming shut behind them.

They turned to see that the old door was changed to a steel one!

Then several locks were bolted shut!

“Who…who are you guys?”

Their leader was instantly shocked.

“Are you asking me who we are now?” replied Brother Geoff angrily as he sat there. “I haven’t even asked who the hell YOU are?”

The intruders instantly figured out who they were when they spotted Brother Geoff’s Asian features.

It didn’t cross his mind that Palmer Group would send someone to stand guard here.

But so what?

After they composed themselves, they didn’t feel as frightened. Since Brother Geoff only had five to six men with him, the intruders couldn’t help laughing.

“Are you with Palmer Group?” asked the leader after he calmed down and looked at Brother Geoff and the others. “You already knew we were coming tonight. You got that right.”

“Not only did we come tonight, but we will be here every night to burn down your office no matter where you move. We will burn everything away. That includes you!”

He raised his head and stared at Brother Geoff and said calmly, “Do you know why?”

Brother Geoff stood up as he tilted his head and said, “No, I don’t.”

“Because you made a mistake!” said the leader loudly. “Since you don’t know anything about the crux of running a business overseas, then let me teach you!”

A man behind him retrieved a can of petrol from his bag and swayed it in front of Brother Geoff threateningly.

It seemed as though the minute they got their order, those men would burn the office in front of Brother Geoff!

“That door behind you isn’t that easy to open. if you light a fire, you will be trapped,” said Brother Geoff composedly like he was intimidating them. “Go ahead and try it if you don’t believe me.”

The men looked slightly worried.

They could see that the iron locks on the door weren’t complicated, but it required a lot of time to open them. If they lit a fire, they would have nowhere to flee!

“Hehe, we aren’t stupid enough to die here with you,” said the leader as he laughed.

He didn’t expect that they would get caught today. It seemed unlikely that they could burn the place with Brother Geoff and the others around.

He was only here to teach them a lesson, so he didn’t want to perish.

“I’m just here to give you a warning today. If you don’t learn your lesson, don’t blame me for burning the place down!” said the leader before he turned to leave.

But Number Five and Number Six stood by the door with no intention of unlocking the door to let them out.

“What now?” asked the leader as he narrowed his eyes and threatened. “Think I don’t dare to burn the place down?”

Brother Geoff walked over slowly towards them. The murderous look in his eyes gradually burned up!

He hadn’t killed anyone in some time.

Ethan was in a peaceable mood recently, so they started to feel the same way. But it didn’t mean that Palmer Group was a pushover!

Did they think that Ethan would allow them to do reckless things like this?

“What do you want?”

The looks on the intruders’ faces altered slightly when Brother Geoff and his men walked over towards them. Then they immediately took out the petroleum and lit up the lighter!

“From today onwards, this place belongs to Palmer Group,” said Brother Geoff calmly, “This place is now under the protection of Ethan Hunt! Only one end awaits anyone who wants to stir trouble here.”


Brother Geoff walked over towards them step by step as his murderous aura intensified. He was like a vicious wolf bearing its fangs at them.


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