Billionaire God of War Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270

“Don’t force us!” said the leader of the intruders. “Don’t come over! Let us leave, or else we will set fire to the office. We can all die together!”

But Brother Geoff and the others didn’t stop walking towards them at all.

There wasn’t the slightest tinge of fear on their faces. It was as though they wouldn’t even twitch their brows if the fire swallowed them whole!


Brother Geoff punched the leader before he finished his words.

His nose bridge instantly shattered, and blood splattered everywhere.

Brother Geoff pinned him right onto the floor with a thud, and the floor trembled.

Blood sprayed from his mouth when the leader opened his mouth and screamed. Brother Geoff punched him again without saying a word and broke several of his teeth!

“Did you get me loud and clear?” asked Brother Geoff icily as he narrowed his eyes with one hand on his throat. “I don’t care who you are. If you make trouble again, I will kill you!”

Then Brother Geoff punched the leader’s leg, and it cracked loudly…

The crisp sound of a bone breaking made everyone’s scalp go numb!

Number Five and Number Six moved at the same time without hesitation to attack the rest and broke one of each intruder’s legs.

There was nothing but screams of agony in the room.

The sound activated light outside the door flickered once again…

“You…you’re dead meat! All of you are goners!” shouted the leader as he covered his nose and held onto his thigh with a ferocious look on his face. The blood on his face made him appear particularly horrifying.

“I’m with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce! I work for Bartel Williamson! If you dare to hurt me… AH!”

Brother Geoff kicked him yet again before he finished his last sentence.

“You sure talk a lot of crap!”

Brother Geoff picked up the bottle of petroleum from the ground. He opened it and poured everything onto the leader. The man was instantly so terrified that his face went pale as he started shrieking.

“AHHHH! AHH! what are you trying to do…You can’t do this! You can’t!”

The intense smell of the petroleum walked it into his nose and left his scalp numb!

Did Brother Geoff want to burn them alive?

They couldn’t imagine what torture it would be to get burned to death…it was the most painful way to die.

A few of them screamed and wanted to run but were incapable of struggling free as their legs were broken.

“You’re overthinking it. Trash like you can’t even compare to our carpets,” said Brother Geoff as he looked at them in disdain. He hadn’t even touched them yet, but they were petrified and utterly useless.

He glanced at Number Five and he instantly opened the door.

“Get lost!”

When they heard these words, all of them felt that those were the two most beautiful words in the world. They disregarded their broken legs and dragged them out. No one dared to linger, and all of them escaped hurriedly.

“Are we letting them off?” asked Number Five as he frowned. “Are we setting a good example again?”

Brother Geoff didn’t say a word. He took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it before he took a deep drag.

“Big Boss told us that we can’t always use violence to solve problems. We are in a civilized era, so we need to set an example.”

Brother Geoff walked up to the window and flicked some ash out. Then he scoured the place nervously.

“I almost forgot. I have to pick up Big Boss and Boss Diane later tonight, so I can’t smoke.”

Then he let go of his cigarette…


The men had just come running out of the lift downstairs. All of them looked like they had seen a ghost as they screamed in agony while they left.

The leader was drenched in petroleum. The intense smell of petrol made his scalp turn numb.

“Go! Let’s go! Call for backup and kill them! Kill…AH!”

Before he finished his sentence, a cigarette suddenly fell from the sky!

In an instant, he caught fire!


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