Billionaire God of War Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277

Bartel was stunned.

Malcolm slapped Bartel viciously. Then he said, “What else have you been hiding from me?”

“I…” said Bartel as he covered his face angrily without daring to show it.

“Palmer Group didn’t intend on joining the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to begin with, and their men humiliated me…” explained Bartel immediately.

Malcolm looked increasingly angry.

He turned to look at the businessmen around him, who were all staring at him. Then he immediately realized what had just happened.

Ethan deliberately came to the cocktail party to embarrass him!

Ethan planned on embarrassing him and making him lose respect by rejecting him publicly and even fighting him!

“I don’t care what you resort to! The Palmer Group absolutely cannot gain a foothold abroad! Absolutely not!”

Malcolm’s eyes were bloodshot, and his eyes looked like they were about to blow up. Then he looked at Bartel, who was trembling hard and yelled, “Did you hear me?”

“Yes, Young Master Merlyn!” exclaimed Bartel.


A black sedan was parked across the hotel inconspicuously in the darkness of the night.

Amelia had yet to leave. She sat in the car and watched as Ethan and Diane walked out of the hotel.

“That’s a lovely dress she’s wearing,” said Amelia as she smiled from a distance without showing any emotion. “But did they finish striking a deal with Malcolm so quickly?”

Someone rapped the car door from outside before opening it.

“Miss L’Oreal, Malcolm was beaten up.”

Amelia’s subordinate got into the car and immediately reported the incident that just happened at the hotel.

She was instantly stunned.

“What did you just say?” asked Amelia in disbelief. “Are you saying Ethan beat up Malcolm right in front of all the members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and even said he would never work with them?”

“Yes. Also, he said he attended the cocktail party as a favor to you and said he was disappointed by the wrong company you were mixing with,” said her subordinate as he frowned. He couldn’t help adding, “Miss L’Oreal, this guy is too reckless.”

Amelia didn’t utter a word.


She would think it was recklessness if it were anyone other than Ethan. There was no way she would believe he was careless.

Ethan thought several steps ahead, so he had a much larger picture than anyone else. Also, he was always unconventional and impossible to predict.

“He’s such a wily man,” said Amelia a while later as she bit her red lips. “He fooled us!”

Her subordinate was shocked.

How were they fooled?

Didn’t Amelia set this cocktail party up so that Palmer Group would get into a conflict with Malcolm? Didn’t she want to use the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to help suppress Palmer Group?

Palmer Group should have been the one who was deceived.

“He knew I was up to something and wasn’t really trying to help Palmer Group gain connections.”

Amelia gritted her teeth. She was keenly aware of this point, but she was also confident that Ethan would come anyway. Since she understood women well, she was certain Diane would come!

If Diane was coming, then so would Ethan.

But it didn’t dawn on her that Ethan would come even if Diane didn’t!

He had to come!

Ethan didn’t come for the sake of Palmer Group and its development abroad, but to establish a new order in the business world overseas.

Ethan wanted to defeat the Chinese Chamber of Commerce right in front of all the Chinese businessmen. He wanted them to see that Chinese companies could develop overseas without getting leached by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce!

“This jerk even used me,” said Amelia as she inhaled deeply. She found it both infuriating and hilarious. “Why do I keep underestimating him?”


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