Billionaire God of War Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278

Amelia’s subordinate didn’t dare to utter a word.

It wasn’t the first time Amelia mentioned this. She kept saying she underestimated Ethan and reminded herself to raise her guard against him.

But Amelia surprisingly said she underestimated Ethan again today.

Was Ethan…that scary?

“If Palmer Group gains a foothold overseas, then the Chinese Chamber of Commerce will be in trouble,” said Amelia with her eyes shining.

The things Ethan wanted to achieve always surprised Amelia.


She suddenly realized what Ethan was up to.

“Yes, Miss L’Oreal!” answered her subordinate, Jensen, immediately. “What are your orders?”

“Keep a close eye on them.”

“On Ethan?”

“On the Merlyn family!”

A glint radiated from Amelia’s eyes as she said, “Keep a close eye on the Merlyn family’s businesses. Be prepared to take them over. Since Ethan dared to fool me, then I will take away the fruits of his labor!”

Jensen didn’t quite get it.

Why did Amelia tell Jin to keep an eye on the Merlyn family and not Palmer Group?

“Miss L’Oreal…” said her subordinate hesitantly. He wondered whether Amelia was too blinded by fury and gave the wrong instruction. “Keep an eye on the Merlyn family?”

“If not?” asked Amelia. “When the Moore family collapsed, we didn’t gain anything. Now that the Merlyn family is on the brink of collapse, all my efforts will be wasted if you don’t prepare in advance.”

Jensen trembled.

Was the Merlyn family going to collapse?

They were the most powerful family in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Were they going to collapse?

Simply because of Ethan?

Jensen’s head was filled with disbelief, but he didn’t dare ask and risk provoking Amelia. Then he nodded hurriedly and replied, “Okay, I’ll get it arranged!”

After he got out of the car, he left swiftly. Amelia sat in the car and continued feeling angry.

Amelia didn’t like getting deceived, especially when she thought she had everything under control. In the end, Ethan was the one who was in control of her.

“You could have fooled me or slept with me, or even cheat me of my feelings. But why did you deceive me into thinking I had seen through you?” sneered Amelia. Then she suddenly laughed and continued, “This is interesting. Quite interesting. Ethan, I’m starting to like you more and more.”

Then she started the engine and stepped on the gas. The engine roared into life instantly and was as explosive as this ferocious woman.


In an ordinary hotel room, a young woman lay prone on the bed as she covered her face out of both shyness and delight.

She didn’t expect to experience something so dream-like.

After she was deceived into coming abroad, her life was almost ruined, but she encountered Number Five under such dire circumstances. He was a slightly awkward and woodblock of a man, but he had saved her.

“Number Five, Number Five…Why does he prefer to be called Number Five? His real name sounds good as it is,” said the girl as she covered her face and shook her head shyly. Her face turned crimson when she called Number Five by his real name and sighed.

Number Five would be coming over in a minute. He said he came bearing good news, so she waited with anticipation.

Someone suddenly kicked the room door open.

The girl got a shock and instantly panicked. Then she said, “Who…who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Is it her? Take her!”

The men who entered didn’t bother talking to her at all. Then they stepped forward and yanked the woman by her hair and slapped her viciously.

“You better behave! Or else, we’ll kill you!”

The woman’s mouth was stuffed with cloth and was dragged away.

Number Five arrived not long after they left. When he opened the door, all he saw was the room in utter chaos. His eyes instantly turned red.

“Jasmine! Jasmine”

Number Five was murderous. He quickly searched for her as he rang Ethan. His voice was filled with fury and anxiety, and it even sounded like he was crying.

“Big Boss! Someone took my woman!”


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