Billionaire God of War Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279

Number Five’s eyes were bloodshot as he reported his location and instantly hung up.

He rushed behind the hotel to see a car starting its engine not far from him, and he charged over hysterically.

Both his eyes were filled with murder!


Ethan and Diane had just gotten back to the hotel.

Ethan received a call from Number Five, just as they were about to turn in. His expression immediately fell.

“What happened?” asked Diane anxiously.

She could sense how worried, anxious, and even slightly tearful Number Five was through the phone.

Number Five wasn’t the sort of man who cried.

Brother Geoff and the others were all courageous men. Even in the face of death, none of them would flinch. So how could Number Five cry?

“Someone took Number Five’s woman.”

Ethan put down the phone and shouted, “Geoff!”

Brother Geoff and the others immediately charged in from outside.

“Number Five’s woman, the one called Jasmine, was taken captive. Number Five just sent the location. Go and search immediately!”

An insane fury surged in all their eyes when they heard him!

Although they made fun of Number Five by saying a fighter didn’t need a woman, they were delighted that he found someone he loved and gave him their blessings from the bottom of their hearts.

They were just discussing what gift to buy Number Five for his wedding. How could this have happened?

“Who was blind enough to kidnap her? How dare he touch our brother’s girl? I will chase them down immediately. I will make the men who took her regret the day they were born! Let’s go!” shouted Brother Geoff coldly. “Big Boss, we’ll go save her now!”

“We are overseas, and you aren’t familiar with the place. We should meet up with Number Five first. I will come up with something and catch up with you guys,” said Ethan.

“Yes, Big Boss!”

The wolves were furious!

“What are we going to do now?” asked Diane worriedly.

They weren’t in China and most certainly not in Greencliff. They had just arrived overseas and were still unfamiliar with the territory, so it probably won’t be easy to find someone.

Also, they must have dared to kidnap her because they didn’t feel threatened by Ethan.

She was very worried about Number Five’s girlfriend, Jasmine.

“Stay in the hotel, and don’t worry,” replied Ethan as he reached his hand out and patted Diane’s shoulder gently. “I’ll be back soon.”

“I’ll be fine,” said Diane as she nodded. “All of you have to be careful. You absolutely must find Number Five’s girlfriend and bring her back safely!”

“Of course,” said Ethan before he turned to leave.

He strode quickly to the door and halted.

“Thanks, I owe you one.”

Then his silhouette disappeared.


In a casino abroad!

It was a sleepless city and bustled with activity as though it were daylight even until the wee hours of the night.

The activity at night was even more lively than the day.

In an old apartment, the sound of people frolicking could be made out through the dim light.

A man covered his eyes with a piece of cloth as he reached his hands out and played hide and seek with the women around him.

“Here, here! I’m here! Come and get me!”

“Kent, hurry up and get me!”

The girls said something from time to time as they hid from the man while he looked for them.

“Honey, whoever I catch won’t get to leave tonight!”

Kent touched his bald head. His face was full of scars and looked frightening under the dim light. He cheekily laughed when he caught their footsteps and lunged towards the girls!

“Haha, I caught you!” said Kent as he laughed gleefully. “Baby, it’s going to be you tonight!”

Then he instantly took off his blindfold.

But all the excitement and desire in his eyes immediately froze over and dissipated instantly.

Kent sensed his throat turn hoarse!

All the other women in the room were long gone, and only Ethan stood before him!


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