Billionaire God of War Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280


Kent almost shouted his name out shrilly. Then he hurriedly covered his mouth as he trembled and said, “What…what brings you here?”

Kent’s heart instantly palpated at top speed and almost came out of his mouth.

Damn, he almost kissed Ethan!

“Long time no see, Kent. It looks like you grow more frivolous by the day,” said Ethan calmly.

“Without Mr. Hunt, I would never have made it!”

Kent put his belt back on and looked nervously at Ethan. “Mr. Hunt, why are you in Las Vegas? You gave me a shock.”

He stepped forward and wanted to reach out and hug Ethan, but when he saw the expressionless look on Ethan’s face, he awkwardly stopped.

“Quit yapping. I need you to do something,” said Ethan without wasting any time. “Help me find someone!”


“My brother’s woman was taken away from the Waterfall Hotel in the Eighth District. That’s your territory.”

Kent’s face turned pale instantly.

“Mr. Hunt, it wasn’t me!” explained Kent swiftly. “I swear I never touched any Asian women before!”

He would never have the audacity to touch women who were dating Ethan’s men. After all, several years ago, he saw Ethan slaughtering over 100 fighters with his own eyes…

If he didn’t meet Ethan back then, he would never have the chance to rise in the illegal circles to become the boss of the Eighth District.

So Kent made it a motto not to offend any Asians since one could never tell how powerful they were!

“I know it wasn’t you, but since it’s your territory, you can help me find her as soon as you can!”

“Yes, Mr. Hunt!”

Kent didn’t even dare to ask why he was put in charge.

Ethan was thinking highly of him by letting him take charge.

“Mr. Hunt, don’t worry. I might not be good at much, but I can locate anything in the Eighth District, even a needle!”

Kent was keenly aware of Ethan’s ability and even clearer about how loyal Ethan was to his brothers. He even witnessed the outcome of opposing Ethan…

Who was foolish enough to offend Ethan?

Did they want to kill him by making trouble in the Eighth District?

Kent asked for Jasmine’s photo and some other information before immediately ordering his men to search for her.

The Eighth District seemed to spring into life in the middle of the night suddenly. Those who were partying and gambling in the clubs seemed suddenly doused awake with a bucket of cold water as they rushed out.

People ran around in the Eighth District from time to time. No one knew what had happened or who that Asian girl called Jasmine was and why their big boss, Kent, was worried.

They reckoned she must be a big shot!


In an old warehouse not far from the Eighth District.

Jasmine was thrown into a corner with her hands and legs tied. Her face was covered with dirt, and her clothing was in disarray while she went into a panic.

Tears came trickling down her eyes uncontrollably as she trembled hard!

Jasmine shook her head hard and begged the men before her with her eyes to let her go.

But there were only cold wicked smiles on their faces. Jasmine felt a sense of despair and hopelessness rising in her heart when she saw them.

“Brother Darryl, this girl looks quite pretty. Why don’t we have some fun first?”


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