Billionaire God of War Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283

“Yes, Big Boss!”

Brother Geoff immediately went over without hesitation. Then came a crack…

Bartel was still semi-conscious. He opened his eyes wide as he screamed in agony.

Then he passed out completely!

“Drag him away!”

Number Six dragged Bartel away like he was a dead dog.

Jasmine hugged Number Five and snuggled in his arms. She was clearly terrified.

“Don’t worry. You’re Number Five’s woman, so we won’t let anyone bully you. Anyone who touches you has to pay a terrible price,” said Ethan as he walked over. “Number Five, bring her back to the hotel and don’t let her stay alone.”

“Thanks, Big Boss!” said Number Five as he carried Jasmine off.

Fortunately, she was okay.

But even then, Ethan remained furious.

He knew that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was out for revenge on him. The Merlyn family would do everything it could to prevent Palmer Group from establishing a foothold abroad.

If they came after him, he would play with them to the end.

But those useless trash actually went after a woman!

“We can’t just let them off!”

Brother Geoff and the others stood there with their fists clenched.

They were a family who had gone through life and death. When they attacked Number Five’s girl, it was as good as attacking their woman!

How could they take this lying down?

Ethan turned and glanced at them. Then he said, “Don’t worry. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce has been blacklisted, so they won’t be able to survive for long.”


At the Merlyn residence’s entrance.

A car stopped at the door and opened its door. Then a black bag was casually dropped onto the ground before it sped off!

The man at the door instantly ran over to open the bag and got a bigger shock.

“Brother Darryl! It’s Brother Darryl! Tell Young Master about it now!”

Inside the Merlyn family residence.

Malcolm was talking to Jasper Merlyn.

“The Chinese Chamber of Commerce doesn’t belong to just the Merlyn family. The Keane and Weaver families have a share too. As for the Moore family…”

Jasper Merlyn’s hair had started to turn white recently. When they got to talking about the Moore family, his face instantly grew stern as he said, “We don’t know anything about how the Moore family collapsed to date.”

“Dad, I heard that the head of the Moore family, Dalton, is very powerful. He’s a highly skilled fighter himself with plenty of guards around him, so how could he have gotten killed?” asked Malcolm. “Could it be an internal conflict? That’s the only possibility.”

The only way it could have happened was if he was killed by someone close to him.

Also, he heard that Dalton got into a fight with his bodyguard, Cillian!

“Humph, no matter how they collapsed, the Moore family is now gone,” sneered Jasper. “If Dalton didn’t perish, we wouldn’t have gained power in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

The Moore family was undoubtedly the strongest member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce!

Their family had the backing of Kings Sect’s 12 sub-sects. Also, they owned several casinos in Las Vegas. These made the Moore family terrifyingly influential.

The head of the Moore family, Dalton, alone, was so formidable that no one could outdo him.

Although Kings Sect was forced to leave China, they became one of the most influential forces abroad!

“That’s right. It’s a good time for our family to develop,” said Malcolm. “I hired all those people who had left Kings Sect, so in the future, the Merlyn family…”

“ Malcolm , you must remember this!”

Jasper Merlyn spoke without waiting for Malcolm to finish, “The most important thing for us now is to remain wary. We can’t let our guards down before we find out the reason behind the Moore family’s fall. The Keane and Weaver families have both reigned themselves in and are acting cautiously too. You have to be careful too.”

Jasper looked at Malcolm with great expectations for him.


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