Billionaire God of War Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284

The fate of the Merlyn family’s future development hinged on Malcolm.

Jasper was getting on his age, and he was content to have brought the family this far. They had to rely on Malcolm to lead their family to become like the Moore family or even outshine them.

The Merlyn family was wealthy but lacked martial arts experts. So they held the men who used to be from Kings Sect in high esteem.

“I know. Don’t worry, Dad. I’m not a rash person.”

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce was composed of three families now. And Malcolm wanted to become the most influential person in it.

If the Merlyn family controlled the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the family could generate great profit.

“Let’s not send the Kings Sect fighters out for now. They just need to be prepared,” sighed Jasper with the same look of worry on this face. “I don’t know how the Moore family was destroyed. I can’t figure it out! I really can’t figure it out!”

He also suspected that the Moore family and Kings Sect’s internal conflicts led Dalton to get assassinated.

Who else could have brought down the Moore family while they were at their peak?

Was it that man from back home?

He had heard a thing or two about this man. But no matter how powerful he was in China, could he come overseas to kill Dalton?

It was impossible.

No one could have done it.

“Don’t worry, Dad. The Merlyn family won’t become like the Moore family!” sneered Malcolm, “Dalton is suspicious in nature and a little obstinate. I’m certain he died under the hands of his own.”

Jasper nodded. He guessed the same thing.

He didn’t speak further. Then he instructed his son to be wary before leaving to discuss some matters with the two other families.

They wanted to raise the conditions for joining the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. At the moment, they only demanded a 20% annual profit and it seemed too low.

Shortly after Jasper left, someone ran in through the door and whispered into Malcolm’s ear.

“Maimed?” asked Malcolm anxiously. “Bring him in!”

All four of Bartel’s limbs were broken, and even his manhood was crushed. It was impossible for him to ever be a true man again in his life.

“Who did this?!” roared Malcolm furiously.

No one dared to utter a word.

“What about the others?”

“They…they are all dead,” replied someone cautiously after a long time. “We went to check at the warehouse. They’re all dead.”

Malcolm’s was utterly livid.

Of course he knew who did this.

Malcolm was the one who ordered Bartel to teach Palmer Group a lesson. He told Bartel to catch a few Palmer Group employees to threaten Ethan and Diane with and eventually Bartel caught Number Five’s woman.

Now Bartel had been maimed!

And he might not even survive the night.

“Young Master Merlyn, please get the fighters in the family to…”

“No, we can’t!” sneered Malcolm. Jasper had just said that they needed to prepare for any sudden attacks, especially from those who might have destroyed the Moore family.

Even if there was only a slight possibility, he didn’t dare to be careless.

Moreover, it is just that puny Palmer Group and Ethan. They were nothing!

They weren’t good enough for him to call upon the highly skilled fighters of the Merlyn family.

“Palmer Group, oh Palmer Group. You were too rash,” said Malcolm as he laughed coldly. “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t treasure it and you just keep provoking the Merlyn family. Did you think my family is going to let you off easily?”

Malcolm’s eyes twitched as he looked down and glanced at Bartel, who was barely alive. Then he said, “Send him to the hospital and try to save him.”

He turned without so much as glancing at him. Then he picked up his phone and dialed a familiar number.

“I have a rock-solid business proposal worth up to $100 million. Are you in?”


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